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Franchises that tanked this past decade

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  • Franchises that tanked this past decade

    I just read an article on franchises that have gone out of business.

    Franchises that went boom or bust

    As I read it, I was blown away at how some I thought were good ideas, just couldn't cut it.

    It just goes to show you, you never know what will or won't work until you get out there and try it.

    iSold It stores.

    These stores allowed you to come in and bring the things from around your house that you wanted to sell. They would list the items on ebay, pack them and ship them when sold.

    I thought this was a great idea because there are a lot of folks out there that aren't computer savvy but would like to get rid of unwanted items.

    It didn't work.

    Another one was Super Suppers. Did you ever see one of them around? They allowed you to come in, scoop up a bunch of different meals and bring them home for an instant dinner.

    I thought certainly this would work. Everyone is working so much and so busy, they don't have time anymore to cook.

    But as the economy went bust and people lost their job, they started to cook for themselves and this company lost out.

    It's a good thing I didn't invest in either, lol, I would have lost my shirt!

    Then there were other 'relationship franchises' like It's Just Lunch, that tanked as well. It seems people can find better opportunities online.

    That company supposedly charged $1,600 to match you up with others for a lunch date. Yikes, isn't Yahoo personals free?

    I wouldn't have invested in this one.

    Read that article. It's fascinating to see which franchises work well and which ones don't.
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