View Full Version : J.W. Marriott Jr.

08-20-2009, 08:38 AM
This was a very interesting interview with J.W. Marriot Jr. He runs the Marriott hotels. The interview lasts for about 40mins.

Some of the parts of his business that fascinated me was that the Marriott company had split into two different companies. One buys the property and builds the hotel and then sells the hotel to investors and the other company manages the hotels.

It's really quite fascinating because this keeps the level of debt down since they dont have to raise money to buy and own each hotel.

Can you imagine if you applied this business model to other industries?

I don't necessarily think it would work for lawn care but can you imagine building a lawn care business and selling it to an investor. Then you sell them a management contract where you take your expertise and manage the company for a % of the income and then after the owner makes X% you then split any further profits with him.

It can really get you thinking!

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