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08-07-2009, 02:22 PM
So I have just started a small lawncare business. I am only doing it part time right now, mainly becuase we are hitting the middle to end of the season,,I think,, I am in the middle of Texas and there are TONS of lawn care people around.. But hey.. They cant mow every yard can they.... At least I hope not....

Anyway... just starting out.. I have my trailer, a decent murray riding mower, blower, Trimmer, and push mower.. Nope not all contractor grade equipment, but its a start.. I plan on upgrading my equipment as I get more work and just reinvest to build the business..

My background is saturated with alot of Marketing/Business sense, SO i think I have that part covered.... I can advertise pretty Creatively..

Anyway.. My main question is on quoting other services...

So far the $1 a min method has worked for me.... I can be in and out of a medium sized yard in less than an hour with my current equipment... So my average price is about $65-70 depending on what else I am doing....

I have been quoting my trimming/blowing, about the same.. I am not sure this is correct... Can anybody kinda give me a short list of maybe a quote sheet and other services you offer and how you quote them?

ie... Basic Mow...$1.00 a min.....

Weed Eat?
Rake? if needed?
Flower Bed Weed Removal?

Or what other services are you trying to upsale?

Thanks for all the help.. I look forward to learning ALOT here.


08-07-2009, 04:06 PM
I had one other question.. How are you measuring your yards.. Are you just walking them off by foot.... or are you actually using some kind of measuring device......?