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05-08-2006, 04:11 PM
Don't forget to check out The Apprentice tonight.

I look forwards to seeing how things turn out tonight.

05-09-2006, 06:37 PM
Did you watch this episode. The two teams had to sell Outback Steakhouse food at a Rutgers University football tailgate party. Who ever made the most money, won.

The gal team really did a great job. Very smart. They didn't focus on any other gimmick but delivering food right to your car.

The guys team on the other hand had all these events going on. The one that was the funniest was the steak eating contest. LOL how do you expect to sell food to people when you fill them up with free steak in the food eating competition. That was nutty.

Then Trump gets all worked up because the guy team was able to get the cheerleaders to show up to their event 'exclusively.' But when the gal team complained it wasn't fair, Michael wanted to offer them a few cheerleaders. Trump went crazy because he said Michael should never give up a competitive advantage.
The cheerleaders did not help them sell more food. In fact it was probably a distraction. But ultimately that's what got Michael fired. It was pretty sad Trump focused on that one issue. The food eating contest idea was way worse.

What did you think?

05-10-2006, 06:35 PM
If you missed it on Monday, Apprentice is on CNBC tonight.

05-10-2006, 08:09 PM
I just finished watching it tonight.

I agree with the firing. If you get an exclusive right to something there is no way in #### you want to give that to your competition.

But I do agree that they concentrated more on the fun tasks, even though I believe that Gold Rush put a lot more effort into it than the other. I mean, they had cheerleaders lined up, handing out flyers, and walking the neighborhoods promoting their event. To me that was pretty good.

I do agree that the eating contest was stupid. BUT...if they had it where you had to pay a $5 entry fee to enter the contest, then that might have worked out better because they would have made some money. I do agree with their prices though, they were extremely good. The other team got lucky in my opinion by going out into the crowd.

This episode was not bad. First time that I have actually watched a show in about a month, and one that kept my interest

05-11-2006, 10:47 AM
Yea this was one of the better episodes no doubt. I was just amazed at the difference in the outcomes. How the gal team didn't have to create a spectacle to sell food.

It was funny to me to watch the guys plan the event out. They kept saying they knew what guys wanted. They knew college students. Well, the succeeded in creating a frat party even, that's for sure but it didn't help them sell.

It makes you wonder sometimes if you are wasting time with certain promotional events when other things would help you sell better.

05-11-2006, 06:54 PM
That is always what I think. Am I wasting money on certain marketing stuff that I think works or will work, when something simple stupid is what really works

05-11-2006, 08:41 PM
My next question is, do we ever know though unless we try or others have been there before us to advice us?

Is most of our time just spent doing things trial and error?