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05-10-2006, 02:23 PM
Every business really needs to differentiate itself from others. Here is a great business profile of Mark Fancher owner of Shakespeare's Garden. If you check out the article you will see how he created this Shakespeare theme within his business.

If you were to start a nursery, what would you like your hook to be? How would you stand out?

Flower business blossoms, Former Hollandia Nurseries employee starts Shakespeare's Garden (http://news.newstimeslive.com/story.php?id=83828&category=Business) - The Shakespeare is Fancher's own personal touch and comes from the little laminated notes on sticks that he sets among the flowers in his greenhouses and in the gardens he designs for people.

Each note displays a poetic quote. Fancher even includes a quote in the envelope with each bill he sends out. "One customer actually said mine was the only bill she actually enjoyed getting," Fancher laughed.

"When you read Shakespeare you see he writes a lot about nature. I've always been a big reader and since I love reading and anything to do with nature, it seemed like a good idea," Fancher explained.