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05-08-2006, 11:17 AM
Here is a quote "Customer retention rates declined in the quarter" I think this has to do with Troy taking away business from them http://www.gophergraphics.com/forum/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif Nice work Troy LOL

If you read below you will see their revenues are up from last year.

Press Release (http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20060508005698&newsLang=en) -
TruGreen ChemLawn

TruGreen ChemLawn reported first quarter revenues of $137 million, up 11 percent compared to 2005, aided by an earlier spring than last year in several operating regions and a two percent increase in average application prices. Partially offsetting the revenue growth was a four percent reduction in customer counts that resulted from the timing of new customer sales due to the continued shift from first quarter telemarketing efforts to other methods which are more heavily concentrated in the second quarter. Customer retention rates declined in the quarter, but new sales methods and improved customer care programs are expected to lead to more favorable retention trends and overall customer count comparisons for the year as a whole. Operating results for the quarter improved by approximately $4 million over prior year levels, resulting from the increased revenues, partially offset by higher fuel and health benefit costs.

TruGreen LandCare

TruGreen LandCare reported first quarter revenues of $99 million, down slightly compared to the prior year. Strong revenue growth from enhancement sales and modest growth in contract maintenance revenues were offset by a decline in snow removal revenues. Excluding the snow removal business, which is very profitable but accounts for a small percentage of full year operating activity, revenues increased by seven percent. As a result of the reduced level of snow removal and higher fuel costs, seasonal operating losses increased approximately $1.5 million compared to prior year levels.

05-08-2006, 04:24 PM
Here is another article about ServiceMaster.

Can you imagine you build up a service company this big and then you find you are losing money on revenue of $662.3. WOW! That is something.

ServiceMaster reports $14 million loss in first quarter. (http://memphis.bizjournals.com/memphis/stories/2006/05/08/daily3.html)

The ServiceMaster Co. reported revenue of $662.3 million for the fiscal first quarter ended March 31, a 6.1 percent increase compared to $623.7 million for the year-ago quarter.

05-09-2006, 11:10 PM
Must be from me taking all of their work:)