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06-10-2009, 03:20 PM
Have you ever watched any of Chef Gordon Ramsey's shows? My favorite is Kitchen Nightmares but he does others. If you ever watch the show, he definitely plays up the bad boy image.

I am not sure what happened in this situation but apparently he made fun of an interviewer and all the media is in an uproar.

<script src="http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/.element/js/2.0/video/evp/module.js?loc=dom&vid=/video/showbiz/2009/06/09/weiner.aus.ramsey.apology.itn" type="text/javascript"></script><noscript>Embedded video from <a href="http://www.cnn.com/video">CNN Video</a></noscript>

What's your view, does it pay to play up the bad boy image or no? I guess if he sticks to his guns this will only make him MORE of a bad boy. It's quite amazing the interviewer felt compelled to make a response to his behavior. If she didn't, this would have gone no where and ultimately who cares when a loud mouth says something outrageous? She shouldn't.

But that is my view. What's yours?

06-10-2009, 04:28 PM
In my opioion. This guy is the a$$hole of all a$$holes.. I use to work with a guy with the same attitude and wanted to drop kick him soo bad that I quit and turned him into HR department.. I do like his shows, but he goes waaayyy to far with his attitude..

06-10-2009, 04:44 PM
Oh that is fascinating. Can you tell me what you do like about his shows? How does his behavior not get in the way and negatively effect your view of the show?

06-10-2009, 04:51 PM
I like the competition and how they all try there hardest to work alone and as a team..Sometimes when he goes off its funny because he acts like a child..

Thats all I can think of right now...