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05-12-2009, 07:11 AM
Hello all - My name is Steve and I have just join this today. I am trying to start up a small family owned / operated lawn care business in and around the Blue Springs, Missouri area. I currently have 3 paying customers and 3 non-paying family customers. I only have 4 self propelled walk behind mowers, 2 trimmers, 1 med size chipper, an old truck and other normal hand tools. I still work a full time day job. I guess I should say that when I say I it really means my wife and I. I would gratefully accept any tips or advice on the business and would love to hear more about the Gopher program and how it comepares to other software. Is there someone to contact who actually runs the program?

Look forward to hearing from any and all.

Warehime's Lawn Service

05-12-2009, 07:14 AM
Hi Steve,

As far as the software goes, download it and try it out for free. It's a great way to see how it can work for you.

What kinds of things are you thinking about doing to market your business? Have you put together any business cards yet? Or played around with any of the flyers?

05-12-2009, 09:43 PM
Yes I have created temporary business cards that we print ourselves. And have created basic flyers. Do you use the software?