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02-06-2009, 07:01 PM
Until now large companies have been the main ones benefiting from being able to advertise on the Internet. LocalAdLink is about to change that!

United States of America (Press Release) January 2, 2009 ** Most business owners recognize one simple fact - until now, large companies have been the main ones benefiting from being able to advertise on the Internet. LocalAdLink is about to change all that!

Its a well-accepted fact that traditional print advertising is becoming less effective each year. it's reported in the USA that already, aound 54% of people have trade their Yelow Page campigns in favour of online searches and its happening in other countries too!

The cost for for printing and physical distribution of mailers, letter box drops and such like is being beaten hands-down by the electronic message .

Just recently the writer had the experience of talking with a small business owner who'd asked for assistance in growing his business via online marketing. Using a simple strategy and small investment recommended by the writer, the business owner was delighted after only 5 weeks into the campaign, when he reported having made a 18% increase in sales - via the Internet! * for more information email the writer below.

Other factors influencing this migration has been the the fact that most Newspaper readerships have been declining rapidly and almost co-incidently, the cost of classified advertising has been increasing!

So it is then that, in this changing facet of the advertising business, a 'new boy on the block' - a service operating by the name of LocalAdLink - has arrived and is causing a significant stir.

What's the attraction?

One of the big attractions lies in the fact that LocalAdLink uses a process called geo-targeting technology - a modern process which determines the physical location of a website visitor and delivers content to that visitor based on his or her location! Thus, the results of a 'search' gives priority to display paid classified ads for local businesses !

The LocalAdLink service achieves further strength from its strategic alliances with other prominent Internet search engines, portals, websites and social networks in t eh USA / Canada such as Google, Yahooo, MSN,AOL YouTube etc.

Any serious business operator will realize very quickly the importance of this development and strive to learn more.

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