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10-05-2008, 07:44 PM
I was reading an article on outdoor decorations and it amazes me more people aren't doing this. In the article it was talking about this one lawn care business owner who's first year wasn't a big deal. He just wanted to get his feet wet with it and marketed it only to his current customer base by calling them up and using flyers.

Now after a few years, he is seeing a 20% growth each year in his holiday decoration business.

Another interesting way to market the business is to take photos of a commercial or residential building and use some graphic software to show how the building would look after you decorated it.

Your main business will be mid October to mid January. Shoot for a 40% profit margins. Also try and go for the larger projects that start around $750 and up. When you first get started playing with this you may be looking to charge around $500, but each year you do it, try and raise the price with more creative designs.

If you are interested in offering such services. You can play around with a graphics program like photoshop to get some great proposal images.

Step 1. Take a photo of the house during the day.
Step 2. Create a new layer in photoshop and lower the brightness to make it look dark.
Step 3. Use the eraser and remove the dark area where the lights will be placed.
Step 4. Add an airbrush light color, in this example, I am using a yellow highlight.
Step 5. Then use a smaller airbrush to ad a white highlight.
Step 6. Add some wreaths. You can get pictures of wreaths from anywhere on the web.
Step 7. Add some lighted deers for the front yard and you are all set to submit a proposal.

10-05-2008, 07:45 PM
Now isn't that easy? Let's see some of your experiments! You could do similar things for Halloween as well.