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04-03-2006, 07:14 PM
Has anybody actually used coupons and what are the results of using them?

Also, is it wise to put an expiration on a coupon that might expire in a month, compared to the end of th year?

04-03-2006, 07:23 PM
When I talked with Joel LaRusic who has been in business over a decade, he said they didn't work out well because people didn't know what the price would be before they gave you the coupon.

04-03-2006, 08:50 PM
I've never had luck with them. Last year I was offering 2 free cuts with one year service agreement and I didn't get one person to give me the coupon or even ask about it. Also offered 10% and 15% at different times off mulch installs and only had 1 person ever turn it in for their discount.

One guy on ******** put out alot of flyers (can't remember how many but I think it was 15 or 20 thousand) last year with 3 free cuts, didn't receive a single call...So they really didn't even tempt people.

04-04-2006, 10:50 AM
I think the price per service is more important. I could be wrong, but that is my thought.

And sense it can be so cut throat, it is very important to move up the ladder in the industry. Offering services that take licenses and such, which the average start up company can't compete with.

04-04-2006, 11:04 AM
Here is another thought.

A little while back I can't remember if it was Netflix.com or Blockbuster video contacted me about using their material in promotions which would include discounts. I didn't really have a use for it I could think of at the time but now I think it could be helpful. What if you could purchase some discounted rental coupons from one of these places and then offer them free to your customers for referals?
Everyone loves movies!

You could probably do the same with gift certificates from local restaurants.

04-04-2006, 11:09 AM
Ok I found some more information http://www.bbincentives.com/

It's if you want to buy 25 gift cards or more. I bet if you all think this is a good idea, we could pool resources and do this some how.