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09-15-2008, 12:18 AM
My question this time is....how much does a sub make...just a round-about figure. For example: if a sub is gonna mow/weed eat/edge/blow and the client pays $30....how much does the sub usually get?

09-15-2008, 12:52 AM
What kind of sub are you talking about? Do you mean if you were going to be out of town and needed someone to cover for you, or if you sent a job to another company. I am trying to figure out why you would give the work to someone else if you could do it on your own.
Just wondering.

09-15-2008, 01:41 AM
Actually, its other's that sub it out. I've seen where people use subs so they can build their business...we do it in the cleaning business too but it's a whole different ballgame. The reason it's a different ballgame is because for example if I sub out a carpet job, my LOWEST bid for the job is going to be $89 per man hour...we usually try to make $100 per man hour plus there are variables such as protector/spot removal/etc. And you gotta realize that protector is over $60 per gallon and the sub has to pay for that. Gas is high but not near as high as protectant...it is patroleum based is the reason it is high. For repo clean outs I've made over $500 per man hour...so coming down to lawn care pay I have a hard time making the mathematical change. Does that make sense?

09-15-2008, 07:22 AM
I don't think I have seen too many lawn care businesses sub-contract out their lawn cutting work. I know I have heard talk about doing that from time to time but it never seems to work. But if you can do it, good for you!

How do you keep the subs from stealing the customers in the cleaning business? And how do you maintain a certain level of quality when you send them out there? How do you handle billing? When do you pay them?

Maybe you could apply lessons you have learned from the cleaning business to the lawn care business.

09-15-2008, 01:10 PM
Clients love great customer service...that's the answer to most all your questions. I've lost very few clients to my cleaners. I don't just go the extra mile...I go an extra 5 miles.

Pay: the cleaner picks up the check from the house they clean and returns it with their daily sheet. As long as all the checks go through the bank, they get paid every Friday. If a check bounces...not very often...they gotta wait just like they would if it was their own personal client. If they don't return a check...they don't receive any monies owed to them until I get that check...I've never had that problem. If the check is not on the counter we do not clean...if the cleaner cleans the house and the check is not there...they gotta wait till I get the check and deposit it.

09-15-2008, 04:18 PM
So, besides them trying to steal your jobs, why do subs not work?

09-15-2008, 04:38 PM
Well maybe you can use what you have learned from the cleaning service and market lawn care service to the same customer base. Then use the same model with your lawn care service.

Why not offer a whole bunch of home and property maintenance services?

Become a property maintenance business?

09-15-2008, 05:13 PM
That is in my long term plan. I don't want to get in too far at first. I want to take it one step at a time. I did grow my cleaning business too fast back in the day and had to back off. Now I've learned to know what I'm getting in to before I make the leap. Thats why I'm here asking you professionals. I do appreciate every one of you.

09-15-2008, 08:26 PM
Well when you look back, what lessons of growing too fast have you learned? What are the signs and what should you do to prevent the problem?

09-15-2008, 10:41 PM
The problems were...my girlfriend was my partner and she didn't want to do her part. Good employees to put INSIDE of someone else's house is very hard to find...next to impossible. That was about my only problem...I can usually get clients faster than I can find good employees or subs to do the job. Plus, now I know all the tricks of cleaning so I can get the most out of my time...nowadays we have cut our man hours by 1/3. As far as lawncare goes...I want to learn more of the tricks of the trade before I dive in head first.

Plus, this isn't my sole sourse of income so I can tweek it as I go so I feel comfortable with what I'm doing. Thats why I'm waiting till 2009. If I needed this to live on I'd have already been going with it. But, since I want to focus more on mowing at first my marketing dollars will be better spent if I wait.

09-17-2008, 09:06 AM
I think you are in unchartered waters with this on our forum which can be a good thing. Experiment with this and keep us posted what you like about it versus what you don't.

09-17-2008, 04:39 PM
lol I was hoping to be in unchartered waters from the rest of the whole world...I was hoping I was the first to do things the way I want to do them. I try very hard to be different. :D I'm just here to learn as much about mowing and lawn care as I can. I can get customers and guide the subs like I will need them...it's the knowledge of grass and all phases of lawns that I'm not sure about.