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07-17-2008, 02:20 PM
My name is J. DeLoach, and i have been a fan of your guys site for a good year now and it has helped with multiple situations. I now figured since i visit the site pretty much daily I might as well register. I am 23 and currently a graduate of FSU. I started my business at 19 and actually paid my way through college and achieved my masters in Dietetics all due to income made by my company. After graduation, and multiple interviews i was low balled by all interviewers offering me 20 k a year in my field even with a masters. Now living back in my home town of Dunedin (palm harbor) FL, I have fully commited to my Landscaping and Lawn Service, because i know i can double that with my experience. In Tallahassee i had no problem getting going. I bought about 2000 flyers and targeted my local lowes, home depot and wal mart. Within a year, I was servicing fifty five residential accounts, mostly due to word of mouth. Problem is, I sold all my equipment. Now starting fresh again, I am having a horribly hard time getting the ball rolling. I have tried everything from cold calls to humping flyers in 100 degree weather. PLease Help! Thanks so much for your time and help in advance. thanks amigos. J. DeLoach.Owner/ Operator Artiscy Property Enhancement.

07-17-2008, 02:26 PM
Welcome to our forum!

The first thing I am wondering is what are you doing now to get the word out with your family, friends and neighbors? Have you been handing out business cards? Do your neighbors know you are in business?

Are you getting on craigslist to post about your lawn care service?

Are you a member of any social organizations in your area?

Give us the low down.

07-18-2008, 03:54 PM
Thanks for the questions steve, i appreciate your interest in my current situation. As far the familia goes, thay all know my current situation but live mostly as far as 30 minute away and with the current gas prices i'd be pretty much breaking even if not paying them... ya know. The first thing i did was stop by and flyer all my friends and aquaintences and didnt get much from that. My brother is the only one whos lawn I am currently maintaining. I am on craig's list for two months running now, with no feedback from that... maybe im not marketing it right i don't really know. i am currently lining in a townhouse, so neighbors isn't really an option because the owners son cuts the property which is decided by the board here. NO social organizations really.... But yesterday after reading the forum, I decided flyers maybe aren't the way to go and decided to get off my arse and do some cold calls and face to face marketing. I started by going to the neighbors of my current clients( a short list as of now ) and handing cards out and pointing out the job I did on my clients yard and telling them about my shpeel on my reliability and that produced a litle for me... got one for sure and two most likely's. So that was cool. But i wasnt done. When I got home I started the cold calling of realtors and property managers. Didnt get much attention from the realtors. But got two appointments with P.M.'s. But the thing is .... I've never done complexes and although i gained good raport with the managers I/ve never quoted an area that big before. So thats where I am. I have to get back to the P.M.'s as soon as possible with a quote. I am very excited about this but am clueless where to start!? Any kinda formulas or anything anyone out there uses for big complexes? Or any kinda advice on where to go from here would be awesome.. thanks again........... J

07-19-2008, 07:18 AM
Well I am very happy to hear things are picking up. Getting into commercial work can be tough when you don't have your estimating down. If I were just starting and then going to jump into the commercial market, I would read up on all the estimates everyone has already talked about in the estimate section of this forum.

Keep getting the word out about your business. Think of it as you are running for mayor. The more people you meet, the better your chances are of landing lawn care accounts.

Keep us posted on how everything goes.