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12-04-2006, 08:37 AM
How would you guys have handled this?

I currently do snow removal of sidewalks and salting of sidewalks for one particular local business. I have been doing it for going on 11 years now. Their parking lot, approx parks 10 cars, they have always had someone else do the snow removal for it (I don't have the equipment to handle it).

Well, I recently approached them about salting the parking lot for them this year, since they have always had an ice problem, yet the snow removal provider has never salted it. They said sure go ahead and salt away.

Now this is where the situation gets tricky. Just Friday I saw the snow removal guy, and he asked me to ask the owners of the business if they want him to plow the parking lot again. I was kind of mad that I had to do his dirty work, but no problem. I go and ask and they said sure.

So I come back and tell him yup go ahead and do the snow removal, but no salting. He gets kind of mad and says, "Well, I am not doing the snow removal unless I can do the salting."

Well, I knew that I was going to do the salting, but I didn't want to create a situation of where he got mad at me, or wouldn't do the snow removal now. Heck, he has never done the salting before though. So I told him,"Don't ask me, you have to talk with the owner." And I left it at that.

Should I have handled that differently? Yes, I agree, there is a chance that I could lose the salting for the parking lot now, but I figure no big deal if it is going to caus a huge problem. What do you think?

12-04-2006, 01:09 PM
The only thing I was thinking of was this. You are nice enough to get this guy a job. Maybe if you were to tell him that the reason why he can't do the salting is because you are doing it, he will look at it and thank you for getting him more work. If he can't then maybe you can ask around and find someone else to do it.

If you are handing him work, he should be thankful and work with you.

What's your view?

12-04-2006, 01:46 PM
I agree. I would just hate for him to walk away from this account. He has helped me in the past when I have been in a bind, and I have helped him out.

12-04-2006, 01:57 PM
I would think he would want to work with you on this. Let me know how this turns out.