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06-20-2007, 02:12 PM
how long would it take you to install a 210 sq ft paver walk with a border
im using allegro pavers from techo bloc
technically, I am out of the landscape biz now, and doing film, but of course everyone in the family and friends department still tells people Im a landscaper. Which isnt really a big deal,
anyway, friend of the family has been naggin me to put in a walk for them.
So I figured I would have alittle fun with it
whats the average time to install this walk described above
flat surface to work on, moderately rocky soil
digging by hand, no excavator
I do still own my cutoff saw and compactor though
Ive never timed a walk before, and Im anxious to find out how long it takes me, and compare it to other pros in the field.
go easy on me though, my last paver install was almost two years ago.

on another note, anyone in the nj area, were holding casting auditions for our first short film, the ratred prophecy, this sunday at 12pm
if interested all info you will need is here
hte project is a horror film, and will be a load of fun

we also have a feature film on the way goin into production this fall called
the dissapearing act
check it out on myspace
anyone who likes magic will enjoy following this project

06-21-2007, 01:54 PM
Hi Anthony,

Is this a new film project you are doing? The disappearing Act? Can you tell us all more about it and your experiences with becoming more involved with the film industry?

06-22-2007, 11:01 AM
the disappearing act is about a woman who is having an affair, her husband walks in, and she kills him. she then goes out on the run, leaving her boyfriend to deal with a detective after her for questioning. She is running out of money and starving, so she takes a job as a magicians assistant. where the story goes from here i will not go into because i dont want to spoil it, its some really great stuff.

as far as my film involvement goes, its nothing that great yet, but its coming along. Ive made a lot of connections thru networking and recently became friends with larry meistrich who has produced some really great films such as slingblade with billy bob thorton. he is interested in a few of my projects so will see where it goes

the hardest thing is finding funding for projects, the rest is cake really. its all about having a great story that will sell to modern audiances. once you have the script, you have to find the money, or sell the script, our feature script for ratred could have been sold 4 times already, the most recent offer was 700 grand, but i want to make it, if you sell it, you lose all attachment.

so if you want to bargain, you need funding. if you have that, you have something to bring to the table. then you have to make the movie, a very stressful task. and then edit it, and get distribution. fortunately i already have distribution for all of my current projects, so at the very least they will be out in all the main stores on dvd, but some could make it to theatre

06-22-2007, 12:31 PM
It sounds like you have been very busy. How has the buzz building been going on the Ratred project?

I'd really love to see more behind the scenes videos on the whole process.


07-10-2007, 01:14 PM
i posted a video in the general talk section