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05-10-2008, 11:02 AM
Hi Everybody,
I'm David, and im new here I live in lexington N.C and just started my lawn care busniess "Grass Patrol Landscaping" 1 month ago. I started with a 96' dodge dakota pick up truck, snapper 22'' self propelled walk behind, weed eater trimmer I got for 20 bucks. Recently I bought a echo brush trimmer, a poluan 14'' chainsaw, poluan 205mph blower/vaccum and I got some colored busniess cards 500ct, 3 magnetic truck signs, 10 yard signs 2x3', and I made 350 custom flyers.
So far I have 10 customers. *2 busniess properties, 1 residential development, 5 weekly residential properties, and 2 monthly residential properties. I work part time at Wal-mart and I go to a community college for horticulture, and busniess. I want to eventually do this full time when i build up my clientail where I have year round work. Right now its just me and my fiance' doing it all.


* * *Grass Patrol Landscaping

05-10-2008, 11:53 AM
Hi David,

Welcome to our forum!

It is really hard to read your text with that color! Yikes!

What have you been doing to attract new customers?

What are your plans for where you want to take your business?

Do you have any pictures you could share with us?

05-10-2008, 12:10 PM
yeah it is hard to read llol srry.
I have just been passing out flyers and busniess cards at stores, resturants, Busniesses, housing developments, taping to mailboxes, and handing them out at local home improvement stores. Also i went to local realtors and offered my services to them to help with their listings and asked for list of property managers, home owners who rent their propertys, and apartments. I had some truck signs made, and 10 yard signs im currently having done.I'll try and get some pic posted soon.