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06-13-2006, 03:32 AM
The following introduction is from member ProWrapCovers

Hey, thanks Team Gopher.

We started really by accident. We made a cover for our own equipment use and soon friends started asking me to make covers for them. One day I went to a lawn mower shop and talked with the owner about my engine cover and he expressed and interest...... one thing lead to another and 13 years later, we now sell our engine covers to 14 FL lawn shops.

I got to tell you, after many failed attempts with the covers, lots prototypes later, we finally found the most durable canvas which is waterproof, stands up to weather, heat, rain and will keep any spills inside the cover and not on your trailers AND is easy to install and remove.

We just added new equipment to our production line and what a time saver.......what took around 3 hours to complete, now only takes 20 min. It was like having a lawn service with a push mower, then getting a riding ZTR mower!

We hope that your fellow landscapers on Gopher like them and will send us some feedback on the covers. (any input will be helpful)

We also want to extend to any "Gopher Member" - a discount when they purchase our covers. $2 OFF on any cover. Just click on the below link.

Once again, thanks for inviting us to be a part of Gopher's forums and we will answer any questions your members might have.



06-13-2006, 02:26 PM
We just got some new equipment to our shop and wanted to let you know that having the right equipment can save you soooooo much time. This task was taking us over 3 hours to complete each time we did custom logos. Now with our new dryer, it only takes us 20 min to do 90 logos. We place the engine cover bottoms on the front of the dryer and the conver belt moves through the dryer and the logos are dry and ready to go. We are getting our own darkroom soon so we can do all of our custom logos in house!

Progress is great man! Talk to you soon.

Steve - ProWrap.net
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06-13-2006, 04:57 PM
That is sweet.

Nice work!