View Full Version : Expectations

04-19-2007, 06:58 PM
What are your expectations for this season?

05-24-2007, 09:12 PM
looked like it would be slow, now I am working 60 hour weeks! http://www.gophergraphics.com/forum/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

05-25-2007, 09:48 PM
I agree, I thought it would be slow this year as well. But I am putting in some long hours. I have been turning away work this week actually.

05-26-2007, 01:07 AM
I haven't turned down any, I just keep adding money to my bids...I still pick up the jobs, just dont hate them as much! LOL

turf rat
05-29-2007, 06:33 AM
To make my mower payment and establish a good foundation for my business.

05-29-2007, 08:19 AM
Hi turf rat,

How much is the mower payment? What did you get?

07-27-2007, 11:44 PM
The rain has been coming down like crazy here in texas....the grass needs to be cut once a week! I hope the rain keeps coming =) It's great for business