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03-15-2006, 01:13 PM
When was the last time you went on vacation? How long was it for and where did you go?

When do you plan next to take a trip?

cha-chas lawn care and plowing
03-17-2006, 03:08 PM
we go to the cape every year end of june for two weeks but this year virginia beach http://www.gophergraphics.com/forum/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/rock.gif

03-17-2006, 03:25 PM
Hi cha-chas,

How do you maintain your business when you are away?

03-17-2006, 05:41 PM
The last time I was on vacation was last May...it really wasn't a vacation though. Had to fly out to Edmonton, Alberta, where my wifes grandparents are.

We used to go down to Cedar Point once a year for like 3 days. Hopefully we can start doing that again here soon

03-18-2006, 03:31 PM
How is Edmonton, Alberta? It sounds like a beautiful area.

03-18-2006, 11:10 PM
My wife was born Edmonton and rasied in both British Columbia and Edmonton.

In my wifes words about Edmonton: An enormously vast city, spread out over miles and miles of land, with a poplution of 2 million+ people. Aside from the city center, there are no major skyscapers from the usually large city. It has a friendly atmosphere, and where the pedestrians have the right of way (unlike in the states she says).

My words: In a way it reminds me of a little bit cleaner Detroit, but very friendly. It also reminds me kind of like a European country with traffic circles, and how they follow the Queen of England in the news regularly. They are involved with hockey big time, and follow the Oilers even in the off season. If you have tickets for an Oilers game it's like gold. Streets are named after Gretsky, and he is a God to them. It has a very dry, yet cold climate where farming is their major source of economy. They have a heated rivarly with Calgary (Cow town as the Edmontonians call it), and even the mention of that city's sports teams brings great disgust to the people of Edmonton. Try to find a football game on television there, and you are sadly out of luck. What most people do there for fun is drinking or large amounts of drinking. But one major accomplishment that I loved, is they have the Worlds Largest Shopping Mall (West Edmonton Mall). http://www.westedmall.com/home/default.asp

03-19-2006, 06:54 PM
That is really neat! Thanks for the link too!