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10-20-2007, 08:30 PM
The flat bed started making a funny noisy today. Got it home its pooring oil from somewhere and making a pinging noise from the top of the motor.I think it might of dropped a Value. I will pull it apart tomorrow and post more on the problem. Push come to shove I will pull the BOX off the Isuzu NPR and install that bed on it.

10-20-2007, 10:10 PM
Good luck, Rodman.... I hope everything works out!

10-22-2007, 03:00 PM
Yea keep us posted!

10-22-2007, 05:32 PM
I have not been in the motor yet but I think it drop a rod off one the pistons. Im going to have it towed over to my lot where I store the other trucks and have the oil pan removed and see what piston it is. Also strange the radiator didnt have any water in it. Oil stick seems to have water on it. Thats a cracked head or blown head gasket. BUT never ran hot. guess im looking at rebuilding the motor. Ive done it once on the Isuzu NPR this little motor is easy to build just the parts are costly. I remember when I rebuilt the Isuzu, hold on let me get the invoices out. Each liner kit was 213.00 that comes with piston, rod, liner. x 4 ring set was 168.00 rod bearings were 168.72 gasket set was 156.95 then there was bunch of small stuff , new hose's new fuel lines, got it all back together and the Turbo was bad, That was another 729.89.00 so this rebuild I know will be costly. I might just sell the truck on ebay as is. Get my money what I payed for it. I dont know still got to think about it see what my best option is.



10-22-2007, 06:25 PM
Do you need any machine work done on the engine when you rebuild it?

10-22-2007, 07:41 PM
will not know untill I get it tore apart. I will know later on this week when I get it apart.

10-22-2007, 07:45 PM
How is it working on a cab over truck like that compared with a pickup? Are parts easier to get at?

10-22-2007, 07:57 PM
Its alot easer. the whole motor is almost totally exposed so its alot easer for that matter. BUT were talking about a rebuild. Its time consuming.

10-22-2007, 08:42 PM
Is it easy to pull the motor out if you had to or does the cab need to come off?

10-22-2007, 08:51 PM
I can rebuild the motor with it still in the truck, If the Crank Shaft is ok. I will know that once I pull it apart. If the crank is bad then I will pull the motor , NO cab cab stay on. Will not be in the way.

10-23-2007, 11:20 PM
If you cracked a head or blew a head gasket, but the truck never ran hot, you might want to check your temp gauge, too.

10-26-2007, 02:34 AM
Update on the truck. I pulled the vaule cover off and the intake side off the head today. On the number 3 piston intake side there is oil and small bits of metal in the intake part on the head. So now I am thinking its not in the bottom of the motor.

I will know more tomorrow after I finish pulling the head. If its head problem I will still remove the oil pan and put new bearings and rings in the motor.

Ill post more info as i find out what went wrong,

10-26-2007, 04:13 AM
Can you take some pics to show us what you find?

10-26-2007, 05:34 PM
Oh yea I will take some photos.

10-27-2007, 04:41 PM
Battery went dead on the camera I only got one photo BUT This one will tells all.


10-27-2007, 05:05 PM
It looks like the wall of the cylinder exploded? How do you think this happened? What do you have to do to fix it? Replace the head?

10-27-2007, 05:33 PM
The piston is complete gone. I am not sure what happen. The block is busted. It has to be replaced. Head is ok. I need to look for another block or engine. I think that is going to be like finding a needle in hay stack. http://www.gophergraphics.com/forum/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/sad.gif Not sure what to do now. I will be on the look out for a motor. Now that explains why there was no water in the radiator. When the piston broke it broke the sleeve and the water jacket.

10-27-2007, 06:22 PM
Oh! So am I looking at the head there or is that the block?

10-27-2007, 06:57 PM
That is the block.

10-27-2007, 07:13 PM
Oh WoW!

Is this something you could find on ebay?

Or maybe on something like http://www.junkyardparts.net/