View Full Version : What's your LCO ideal lifestyle?

07-05-2005, 03:41 PM
When you first started your business, did you have an ideal in mind of what lifestyle you wanted?

What was it?

Have you achieved it?

How long did it take or will it take to reach that lifestyle?

07-11-2005, 01:57 PM
Matty sent us this

Quote[/b] ]We'll for me it will be different for post others because I bought into a family business. I am living a pretty good life style right now though I got new truck almost paid for, I make execellent money, and I love doing it, I dont think I have achieved the ideal lifestyle yet, I bet by the time I am 30 in 8 years I will be rocking. This isnt my only source of income so I am able to put money into other things to help make this buesiness grow.

07-11-2005, 09:55 PM
well, its year two on my own for me, and I am not anywhere near the ideal lifestyle I am looking for, however I have pretty high standards. Between lawn maintenance and Construction I profit around $55,000 for the year, plus my fiancee's income which is maybe another 12,000, I have a 2000 ford f-350, v-10, king cab, super duty pick up, and a 2005 nissan altima, we rent an apartment, that is furnished rather nicely. For 22 I consider myself rather lucky, I dont know anyone in my age range that has as many privledges as me, I may have to kill myself each day to have them, but ninety percent of the people I went to high school with are still making $10 bucks an hour at some department store. Hopefully are web show The Landscaper will bring in some profit, it has cost a bit of money to make. Also this August we will be ready to start adding Irrigation to our services, so I hope that brings more in as well. Down the road I still want to add Interior Plantscape, Own a Nursary, then get into buying property. Long road ahead of me still, I am sure I will make it to all of my goals, but it will take time. I want an old fashioned large home on a cliff overlooking water, a hummer (the original, not the new versions they are coming out with, the big one), a kickin sports car, and enough extra cash to take one great vacation to a differnt part of the world each year, and be able to have a great night on the town once a week.

07-12-2005, 12:54 PM
muddstopper sent us this

When i started my hydroseeding business I did so with a five year goal. That goal is to be able to quit my current job, that I have been at for over 28 years, and work for myself. I am still 21 months from achieving that goal. I believe that my business will enable me to reach that goal. We have double evey year we have been in business and looks like we will double again this year. I have reached my limits of what i am able to do an still hold down my old job. Still by ultilizing part time help and with my wifes help we are continueing to grow. As for changing my lifestyle, a lot has changed, I work more now than ever but the difference is that now I am spending all those extra hours building something for myself and my family. We dont travel as much as we used to but I am spending more time with my wife and kids now than I ever did. Of course we are working most of this time instead of playing. Ha!. But we are spending that time together. I keep telling myself, just 5 years, just 4 years, just 3 years, just 2 years and now I am counting months!!!