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12-01-2007, 05:21 PM
I thought this was a creative marketing and product packaging. First off it comes packaged in a box that looks like a Marshall Amp . Then if that weren't enough, it has a functioning knob that can be turned to 11 hahahaha.

Does anyone remember that from the movie This is Spinal Tap?

What do you think of this packaging?

Rhino Records will be releasing a four CD box set, "The Heavy Metal Box" including 70 songs released between 1968 and 1991. The collection will include two Metallica songs, "Whiplash," and "One," along with music from Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Alice Cooper, Motorhead, Kiss and many others. Released in a limited edition deluxe package resembling an amplifier, the box literally goes to 11 with a turn-able Marshall knob. This deluxe amp package will only be made for the first run....subsequent editions will be available in a slimmed-down package.

"The Heavy Metal Box" will be available October 2, 2007 at all retail outlets and at www.rhino.com for a suggested price of $64.98.

12-01-2007, 05:21 PM
Let's get a closer look at the knob.

I really think this is a great gift idea.

12-01-2007, 05:24 PM
If you haven't seen This is Spinal Tap, here is a quick cut of the explanation of the amps going '1 louder' to 11. LOL

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