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03-08-2005, 12:51 PM
These are the top six logos as voted by you from the logos submitted to the Gopher Business Challenge (http://www.gophergraphics.com/forum/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=1;t=1138). Let's see if we can learn from them.

What graphical elements do you like in these logos? Can you be specific? Tell us which logo and what in the logo really stood out.

What do you dislike? Again, please be specific.

03-09-2005, 11:55 AM
When creating a logo, how often do we take into consideration where it will appear? Do you feel this is important to do?

For instance, let's take this Dodge truck below.

03-09-2005, 11:56 AM
If you want to use the maximum readable area on the side of your Dodge pickup, what would be the size easiest to read?

Circular or square logos might work best and be most readable from a distance when they are placed in an area that is square.

03-09-2005, 11:57 AM
Example with a rectangle shaped logo.

03-09-2005, 12:10 PM
Let's look at a box van example.

03-09-2005, 12:12 PM
Here is an example with a logo that is wider than taller.

03-09-2005, 12:14 PM
Here is a logo with a width to height ratio that is similar to the truck's body.

03-11-2005, 08:54 AM
More reactions from other readers.

twins_lawn_care - "what makes them stand out is they look different and professional than anything you see everyday on your computer fonts, or regular magnets on trucks. they stand out as a high class branding. all real nice by the way, good logo's guys!"

tiedeman - "they are green, easy to read, fun looking, and pop out at you when you look at them"

tinman - "They are different & took a little imagination."

ALarsh - "I like luxury lawn. Has a good clean look to it. Not too busy and easy to read. It would also look nice on white trucks."

Soupy - "Luxury, and Eager Beaver. I like your logos, was printing cost considered when creating them. I noticed several colors and know that can get very expensive for some print media."

mtdman - "I like Progressive's logo. Classic and simple, stands out."

"I think a logo that is timeless ** does not look good today ** but will look good today and 30 years from now is important."

LonniesLawns - "You also have to look at your demographic. Luxury Lawn inc looks like it would appeal to a demographic seperate from what Hamons Custom landscaping would."

03-11-2005, 09:18 AM
LeadArrows - "I like them because there well balanced they catch your eye and then are easy to read. I especially like the Eager Beaver....he looks like he means business. LOL The luxury Lawn one is cool too and I've always liked Hamons's. The other three while simpler are still well balanced and eye catching. It amazing how big a difference it makes to put lines thu the name like that on Fine Lines."

phishook - "they're bold, clean, and easy to read. (most of them). luxury lawn's doesn't match the name. kind of like calling a cartoon fine art."

tajd4020 - "like the logo on the luxury one but don't think it really fits the name of the business. The progressive one looks very professional."

MowFun - "they all look like someone paid to have them maid."

lilred731 - "It is as though each logo represents there repsective compant perfect. Example: Fine Lines Lawn = stripped lawns - stripped logo. Example 2. Eager Beaver Tree Care. Self explanitory.

That is why these logos are good."

03-11-2005, 09:37 AM
RRS - "I like Progressive's the best. Mainly because of the simplicitly of the design. Fine Line's could be O.K. but I don't like the fonts used. Luxury and Eager Beaver have too much of a cartoon look to them. *ousek has a nice logo, but I never really liked the word "Lawnscapes". Hamons is alright, but it looks too generic."

Scaper-S2k - "Personally, I think the best 2 are from *ousek and Progressive.

I think a well designed logo should look just as good when produced with strictly 2 colors.

Rarely will you see a 'Big Name' company have a logo with fading colors, multiple shapes and sizes, and over 3 colors. And virtually all of them will look just as good when done in just white and black, not white, black, and grey.

For example, 'Hamons' tree above will not look as nice when reproduced in just black and white but the one by Progressive will look almost the same.

I like Fine Lines, but wonder if going from cursive to print font takes away from it a little. Especially with the 'L' in lines. It makes my eyes go a little nuts.

Luxury is okay, but I don't like the comma after 'lawn', and it might be just me, but I think the font is different? And (I hope no one gets mad), but the background immediately reminded me of that old sitcom called 'Hee Haw'. And I'm not sure I would associate that with luxury.

With Eager Beaver, the little critter looks too mean.

Just my opinions. None of it was meant to aggrivate anyone. And I DO like all of them for what they are."

03-11-2005, 09:42 AM
FeartheDeere - "I like fine Lines Lawn the most because it just kind of jumps out at me. I like the others, but it seams like every other landscaping company has a tree in their logo, so it just seems a little generic to me. Eager Beaver and Luxury Lawn look a little too cartoonish for me whereas Fine Lines is bold as well as professional looking. Fine lines is the only one that really pulls off the phone number collaborated with the logo IMO also. I think it has to do with your taste and style as well as your target market though."

Trakk - "I like Eager Beaver the best because of it's simplicity and style...the big beaver, the 4 words wrapped around it, the outdoorsy look of it...

It's bold and is a good fit for a tree service.

2nd best is Hamons. It's really clean and simple. The tree art instantly helps you identify it with lawn or landscaping. The colors are great. The size and font choice for text is perfect. Hamons really jumps out at you."

03-18-2005, 01:48 PM
from twins_lawn_care - "I think (but could be wrong) what Gopher was getting at, is that Progressive's logo is more adapted size wise in the layout of it to fit on the vehicle where it can be larger. Eager Beaver needs more of a square area to blow it up to the same size, and be able to read it easier.

they both look good as a logo, but Progressive's will stand out, and be easier to see from a distance, or at speed."

tonygreek - "that's exactly right, twins. when designing logos, people often don't put enought thought into how it will actually render on various media or applications. wide, short logos are difficult because the width takes away from height increases required to see it from any distance. the same goes for tall, narrow logos. the goal should be something in that 2+:1 ratio."

Soupy - "That is why my designer gave me variations of my logo. He gave me files with just the logo (no name), one with name, one with the logo positioned on top, one on right. One with number, etc. But then I had him go a step further and just design everything that it will be used on. He makes variations when needed to fit each application.

That is why I think a logo is more then just a name with something added to it. I use just my logo (no name) as a water mark. But I see many (most) logos that if you take the name out you really don't have much a logo."

JustALawnGuy - "I like the *ousek logo: simple, elegant, understated and to me it conveys quality and expensive price."

drsogr - "I think a logo, should look like its professionally designed! I see too many logos that look like they were done in the paintbrush program. I great logo should have a flow to it as well, it shouldn't be too choppy. It also should be simple enough that it is easily recognizable.

Fine Lines - looks like it was thrown together...I really don't see how it could be a top logo design.

Hamons - Very recognizable. Clean logo, flows very well. Looks as if it would look great on anything.

Luxury - doesn't look very luxerious at all. Its a nice logo, but doesn't fit the company name at all. Hamons logo looks luxerious.

Boesek - doesn't fit landscaping at all. If I saw that logo, I would have no idea it was a landscape company, unless I read it.

Progressive - Simple, to the point, easily recognizable. Looks very nice.

Eagle Beaver - Great logo, easily recognizable, I am just not much for animals in logos. Definitely catches the eye. Would look great on the back of a shirt!"

two_planks - "Yeah, my logo wouldn't work to well on the door of a truck. I actually did take putting it on a vehicle into consideration. I have a removable chip box on the back of my truck. The sides are 4x8 so I can put a 4x4 lggo on the side of the chip box. When the box is off, signage will be on the back window of the truck. On other vehicles it will go on the rear quarter panel, not the door, and there is a lot more roome back there for a larger logo.

To answer the question about having multiple colors. These days full color printing just doesn't cost that much more. I'd rather spend a little more money and have a highly recognizable image. The thing I love about that logo is that if you see one of my adds or get one of my cards with it on them, you're not likely to forget about me. Thats the biggest reason I chose it."

03-18-2005, 01:48 PM
Soupy - "I was talking more about screen printing, embroidery type stuff. I use my logo on shirts, hats, lawns signs etc that take different types of printing.

drsogr, What do you think of my logo. I know it isn't the best, but I was disappointed it didn't make the list ."

03-18-2005, 01:49 PM
two_planks - "This is not my truck. Just a quick paint rendition of what I'm doing with it to give you an idea."

03-18-2005, 01:50 PM
Lawnworks - "I think if you are in this seriously and want to get noticed you need to have a theme for your fleet. I have yellow trucks w/ a logo as big as I can fit on the truck. I just got my 16ft box truck covered in yellow vinyl and will have my logo on pretty soon. Paint the truck an eye catching green and cover it w/ logos.

Soupy did you paint the truck? I think those water based paints are real cheap and are perfect for a work truck.

I think a huge part of growing your business is how you market your business."

03-18-2005, 01:50 PM
Soupy - "Thanks for the compliments on the truck. I posted the truck layout to show what I meant by being able to work a logo without the name in it. I really consider the grass blade with shades my logo, and not the name/logo combo. That is what I was trying to say earlier when I mentioned that what would happen if you took the name out of a logo. Do you have anything distinctive? Let's say someone uses a tree in their name, can they separate that tree and be known by it?

That to me is what makes a good logo. I hope I am not offending anyone, If a fancy display of your name is what you want, then great. I'm not knocking that, I am simply saying a true logo works without the name, like Nike etc."

03-18-2005, 03:30 PM
from Phil Nilsson

The logos look "cute" but for the most part do nothing ... you're not looking to "entertain" with a logo ... consider two of the most successful logos in recent history ... the simple blue Ford oval and the simple blue letters ... I.B.M.

In other words a logo can do little to "make" a business ... the logo is built last ... not first.

Logos when used in connection with real small business (LCO are like this) can be more harmful than helpful ... why? ... logos are more thought of as a sign of a big business ... not a small business ... the case gets overstated when a fancy logo is attached to the "trades" as such ...

03-18-2005, 04:04 PM
HydroBootCamp - "Personally I like Progressive, very professional and modern. The others are a bit too comic-book like for me. Progressive would be my 1st choice with Hamons and *ousek tied for 2nd."

muddstopper - "Same here, I think Progressive looks best with Hammons a close second. *ousek is to plain but I still give it a third place. I dont like the mad beaver and Fine Lines is hard on the eyes. Luxury looks more like an ad for animal kingdom, not a lawn care service."

JJ's Services - "i also go with progressive, straight and to the point. Can be seen and read at a glance while in traffic and not have to worry about the people around you getting in accidents."