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10-11-2007, 07:00 PM
I thought this was kind of interesting. If you are a fan at all of Gene Simmons, you probably know he and his partner are the marketing minds behind the Indy marketing concept "I am Indy."


I think if anything can be said about this, is that Gene is very creative and is able to apply his creativity in many different avenues. I found it fascinating how this pairing of the minds came about.

Who knows what he will do next!

There is a little behind the scenes as to how this happened.

The Outrageous Entrepreneur (http://www.genesimmons.com/pages/sam/latimes.html) - According to Lengyel, Simmons pointed to an IRL sign and said, "Is that your logo? It stinks."

"We started off with a friendly confrontation," Lengyel said, "and we've been brutally honest ever since."

A few days after the race, Simmons invited Lengyel and the IRL's top brass to Los Angeles, where he and Abramson pitched an alliance with their company, Simmons Abramson Marketing. To launch the effort, Simmons wrote the foot-stomping anthem "I Am Indy" with the quirky one-man band BAG to serve as the league theme song.

"At the racetrack, you could just feel and breathe in the dust," Simmons said during an interview at his Benedict Canyon home, where his sprawling office is packed with KISS merchandise and memorabilia. "It was an old man's game in need of a makeover."

Saying "IRL" sounded like a disease, Simmons set out to re-brand the league as "Indy."

"These are individual, personalized rocket ships streaking 220 mph," Simmons said. "With 'I am Indy,' you're making a pledge of allegiance to the United Nations of Indy. The phrase knows no bounds racial, sexual or otherwise. It applies to drivers, fans, sponsors."


10-11-2007, 07:35 PM
Gene is all about money.. He does anything to make money.

I watch the show all the time. I love it

10-11-2007, 09:42 PM
He is really a brilliant guy. I know he turns off many people but it is incredible what this guy has been able to pull together and he is non-stop with creativity.

Do you enjoy watching his show on A&E? I can't stop watching it!