View Full Version : Could you get a similar article written about you?

03-30-2007, 07:50 PM
I wrote to Chadd to see if he had any advise for other lcos to get media attention.

I do congratulate him for getting the article write up and the publicity.

Thinking about a new garden? Ponder no longer (http://www.riverfallsjournal.com/articles/index.cfm?id=82038&section=Business) - Spring officially began last week.

And along with it many property owners have started experiencing that seasonal yearning to clean up their yards and get things growing. Business owners, too, want to spruce up their outdoor surroundings.

Chadd Novak of River Falls hopes those “natural” desires will lead folks to his front door. He’s the owner of a new in-home business he started last summer — Pondering Gardens — and says he’ll offer his customers “high-quality landscape design and installation from concept to completion.”


04-02-2007, 08:25 PM
Chadd wrote me the following. I hope this helps you consider press releases.

Quote[/b] ]I had just sent out a press release regarding the new company, nothing
fancy. The journal writes articles on new businesses and they felt it was
news worthy. I felt if it wasn't deemed "news worthy" that I would atleast
have my news release submitted. My only advice is to use press releases as
an ally, if you become certified within an industry, send it in.

Chadd Novak