View Full Version : Focusing on a cause

01-30-2007, 11:32 AM
What if you created your own signs and helped bring attention to a certain cause that you could help in a positive way. You could get press attention from it and build up goodwill within your community. Could you for instance help in promoting awareness of improving a local lake by taking care of your lawn in a certain way?

Can you come up with other ideas that you could do as well?

Salmon-friendly Lawn Signs (http://www.psat.wa.gov/Publications/PIE_success_03/PIE_4_8salmon.htm) - Project SeaWolf Coastal Protection helped Puget Sound residents make a visual commitment to protect salmon. They printed, promoted, and distributed signs for people to display in their front yard stating that their landscaping practices did not harm salmon by degrading water quality. Along with the signs, they provided information on how to reduce or eliminate the use of toxic yard chemicals, make and use compost, and conserve water.