View Full Version : 13 Sales Pillars to Add to Every Website

12-01-2006, 01:41 PM
Great stuff from this site (http://www.suestudios.com/articles/article3.htm). It makes you want to re-evaluate your website.

13 Sales Pillars to Add to Every Website

1. Push for a response - need to measure how your website is doing
2. Capture names - of people who visit your site in order to market/sell to them
3. Let customer tell you what works and what doesn't
4. Be buyer focused - buyer only cares about himself, not about your logo, product, etc.
5. Make the offer crystal clear which fulfills your primary objective

6. Call for action - tell them what to do next in clear terms
7. Create a strong response device - e.g. order forms, email address, contact info... make it easy to find and to use.. no more than 3 clicks to use it
8. Use exiting copy - by identifying prospect's needs/problems, agitate those needs/problems, present solution to those problems
9. Create urgency - by deadlines, limited supplies, fear of loss - will motivate those sitting on fence to buy
10. Allow people to pay with credit cards
11. Offer guarantees
12. Send unsolicited emails to keep you in your customers' minds