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gene gls
03-19-2006, 08:51 PM
I have a few problems with the Routing list report.

#1, It doesn't list all customers by the last name when I check the box for that selection.

#2, I created a new 2006 customer clean-up list. The Route ID box information doesn't show when I print the report.

#3, When I print the report for the clean-up list. I get that list of customers and all the rest of the customers that are listed in the "main" list which is my total customer base. I have gone over the "help" files several times and it seems that there is information missing or there needs to be other steps added to the help file for guys like me that are not computer savvy.


Gopher Tech
03-20-2006, 07:28 AM
Hi gene gls,

The route name should appear on the first page of each specific route, in the report header. The report should separate the routes.

I am using Gopher program version 3.2.15.

You can find which version you are using by going to the help at the top of the screen then clicking on about. Maybe you are running an earlier version? If so, go to our download page and get the latest update.

gene gls
03-20-2006, 08:19 AM
I am using 3.2.15....The Route ID box is empty...The discription box only prints the first word of the discription that I entered....The names are not all in phabetical order...It prints the "new" list along with the "main" list..

I do not use the scheduling section of the program for day to day operations. Would this have some affect on the Route list printing??


Gopher Support
03-20-2006, 06:24 PM
Can you make a backup of your database from File | Backup and then email the C:\GOPHERBACKUP.ZIP file to support@gophersoftware.com?
We'll see if there's a problem in your database.

gene gls
04-07-2006, 05:46 AM
Gopher Support,
I sent the Backup Zip File you asked for last week. Has any one had a chance to look at my problems? Thanks ...


Gopher Support
04-07-2006, 10:47 AM
What day did you send the file? Did you send it from the email address that's associated with your forum user account?

gene gls
04-07-2006, 08:58 PM
I sent the Zip File on March 26 and was asked to explain my problem again on March 27. I did sent it from my Yahoo email addy. My computer tech went through my system on March 26 and didn't find any problems. I haven't heard any more from Gopher so I was wandering whats happening. Thanks...