View Full Version : Flow Charts/job costs

04-04-2006, 10:01 AM
1. Is there a way to create flow charts using Gopher?

2. We are just getting acquainted with Gopher. Is there the capability to merge costs such as materials and individual employee labor costs into each job to see exactly what each job cost us?

3. We had Gopher 2003 and downloaded 2006. Will our Gopher still say Gopher 2003, or should it say Gopher 2006? By it still saying 2003, does it mean our download was not completed successfully?

Gopher Support
04-04-2006, 12:25 PM
1) Gopher doesn't have any flow charts. What kind of flow charts in particular are you looking for?
2) We are working on job costing reports but they're not available yet.
3) The Gopher 2006 download doesn't affect your Gopher 2003 icon. You need to save gopher2006.exe file (from http://www.getgopher.com/2006) to your desktop in order to see a new icon. If you see "Gopher 2003" when you run the program it means you're running the older version.