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08-04-2005, 04:20 PM
On the Accounts Receivable Aging portion of the invoice it is printing the wrong amounts...ie: under the current amount it lists the last month's invoice amount (instead of the current month's invoice amount) and then under the 31-60 Days column it doesn't list anything (but it should be listing the total past due amount)

Another example:
The Original Balance forward amount is $100
June's invoice amount is $125
July's invoice amount is $150

Current should say July's amount of $150 - it says $125
31-60 should say(total past due amount)$225 -it says nothing
and no where does it show that the Balance Forward amount is late

What can I do to fix it?


08-04-2005, 04:48 PM
Hi Coumbe,

It is listing it based on their due date. What are your invoice terms? Net 30?

08-04-2005, 05:04 PM
Yes, Net 30

june's invoice was for june service and balance forward and due 7/30
july's invoice is for july service and unpaid balance and due 8/30

08-04-2005, 05:10 PM
When we use Net 30, it means the bill is not late until 30 days after the invoice is created.

08-04-2005, 06:28 PM
That is what I thought...so Current really means 1-30 days late? If so, is there a way for me to change the verbiage on the standard invoice? (some of our customers don't understand it)


08-05-2005, 06:05 AM
Hi Coumbe,

How about due upon receipt ?