View Full Version : Screwed up my trial

05-15-2004, 02:21 AM
ok... I've been using gopher98 for about 3 years and downloaded 2003 a month ago. * I didn't realize until tonight that I could upgrade it for free!!!! *I just played around w/ it until the trial period ended... Now I've tried uninstalling EVERYTHING including interbase and anything in my regristry to try to get a "fresh" 30 day trial to import all of my old info....

please help!!!

also, I set my clock back a year and it let me it open it up but it has all the customer info I was "playing" with. * when I imported my entire 98 database it all came up... but it still tells me to enter a reg number.....

how do I reset everything so I can upgrade normally?!!?!?!?

Gopher Support
05-15-2004, 05:13 AM
Please email our support staff at support@gophersoftware.com and provide us with your company name exactly as it is spelled in Gopher. *We will issue you your registration number.