View Full Version : how does monthly billing work

09-12-2003, 01:26 PM
I have been usin Gopher for a while now. I have all my customers billed every two weeks. I have a new customer that wants to be billed only at the end of the month. How can I make this work?

Gopher Tech
09-12-2003, 07:23 PM
When you edit your customers you have the option of placing them in a specific customer category. One of the benefits of using a customer category is in such a situation. When you click on the generate button, you have a choice of who you want to generate invoices for. For your monthly customers, choose monthly. If you want to bill others once a week or every two weeks, you have that option as well. You can make as many customer categories are you need to.

Let me know if you need more help on this.