View Full Version : Office Depot profit slumps 85%

02-26-2008, 12:54 PM
Is this a sign of things to come! Yikes! I have purchased quite a few things from the Office Depot. How about you?

Is this a sign of a slowing economy or is it simply a problem with their business model?

What's your view?

Office Depot profit slumps 85% (http://money.cnn.com/2008/02/26/news/companies/bc.apfn.earns.officedepo.ap/index.htm?postversion=2008022610) - Office Depot says its fiscal fourth-quarter profit slid 85% as sales in North America slipped and last year's period benefited from a gain from the sale of a building.

The Delray Beach, Fla.-based office supply retailer says earnings fell to $18.8 million, or 7 cents per share, compared with $126.6 million, or 45 cents per share, a year earlier.

02-26-2008, 10:32 PM
I have bought things there, but I try not to, they are WAY overpriced.

02-26-2008, 11:48 PM
Maybe this is why they are having such difficulties then!

Do you find yourself ordering more office supplies online? Or just not at that store?

02-27-2008, 02:21 AM
I find that Office Max and Office Depot are both overpriced. I try to print as many of my own as I can. I also buy supplies at Wal Mart and other box stores like that. Saves Me a lot of money.

02-27-2008, 01:59 PM
That is a good point. I didn't take into consideration the power of wal-mart even for office supplies. Or Sam's Club too!