View Full Version : Havent seen this much snow in a long long time

02-09-2013, 03:16 PM
Its unreal up here. Keeps coming down. I say we are close to 30 inches. Plow guys cant get through. Snow drifts are incredible. The end of my driveway was up to my stomach and im 6-3. Wind is howling, crazy storm.

02-09-2013, 05:12 PM
Damn wat! Where do you live? My parents were telling me its quite a mess! Lots of people lost power too.

02-09-2013, 06:14 PM
Mid coast Maine. Drifts in some places well over 6 feet. A huge mess. Some main roads arent drivable.

02-10-2013, 06:04 AM
the neighbors parents live in (I think):eek: New Hampshire, and told him yesterday that they could not open their door, the snow was covering the whole thing, they had to get out by going out the upstairs window.

02-10-2013, 06:27 AM
My front door has a drift up to the door knob. Its finally stopped. You just couldnt keep up with it. You would go and clear a path and an hour later it was buried again.

02-11-2013, 11:34 AM
We need pictures!


02-11-2013, 06:32 PM
I know. The camera on my phone is broken. i only have a front facing camera on it that doesnt work so well. It was a huge storm.

Cashin H&P
02-11-2013, 07:42 PM
Plowed for 78 hours, I only slept for 18 hours in 4 days.

02-12-2013, 11:08 AM
That is amazing. What a great way to kick off the year.