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01-15-2008, 09:32 PM
Gopher-preneur book of the month, Jan '08
Operators Are Standing By
by Michael Planit

We have all seen the different late-night $19.95 products on TV. From Ginzu knives to the Boogey Bass.

Well I know many of you love to create and invent things so here is a book that will help you understand the process of creating an idea to selling it on TV.

It's very fascinating and one day we just might see your product on TV!

Check out his business site here. http://productstrategies.com/images/thumbnails/bio.jpg


Operators Are Standing By! is your personal all-in-one guide to “Direct Response” marketing-the low-cost, high-profit method of selling your product directly to the consumer. Now for the first time, Michael Planit-marketing expert behind the Boogie Bass, Grip Wrench, Smart Tape, and many more “as seen on TV” products-will guide you step-by-step through the entire process. You'll learn how to:

* DEVELOP YOUR IDEA and create a product that really sells
* GRAB YOUR CONSUMER through TV infomercials, home shopping networks, radio ads, direct mail, catalogues, or the Internet
* INCREASE YOUR PROFITS through mastery of the upsell to maximize your revenues

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