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08-24-2012, 10:55 AM
Here is the 6th question of the lawn care business documentary (http://www.gopherforum.com/showthread.php?t=17213) I want to put together. I look forwards to reading your insights.

6. What kinds of costs did you have getting started? Looking back now, could you have handle it in a better way? If so, how?

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08-28-2012, 11:27 PM
Ride-on Mower, trailer, walk behind mower, weed trimmer, hedge trimmer, power-rake, shovels, rakes, etc. Business license, insurance, name registry, website, business cards, logo design, etc.
Yes, I made some mistakes on my equipment purchases. I bought a new zero turn ride-on assuming I would be busy with commercial jobs & I ended up using it 6 times in 2 months. Sold it & lost a few hundred. My new Toro "timesaver" walk-behind mower was a dog & I ended up losing about $500 on that one. All wasted money & hard lessons learned when considering every dollar counts in a start-up. I also took a few jobs out of town & ended up only breaking even due to the cost to get there. Eventually I dropped all those ones but again, things you only learn when you do it.