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The Cleaning Doctor
07-08-2012, 11:59 PM
I was on another forum and there was someone that posted his site for comments. This site was professionally done and it was a bunch of CRAP! The colors were all wrong and there was very little text in the site, it will never rank in the condition and if a potential customer did land there, they would be grossed out with the colors.

The kicker is that he was paying them $100 a month for the site and the hosting. Talk about getting ripped off.

Well because of that I wanted to figure a way to help out the little guys to get them a web site that they could afford so here goes.

Here is what you will get...

Full featured wordpress site (not one of those 5 pages and you are done sites)
Website design and installation (Graphic design will be extra i.e. logos, banners etc.)
Hosting for 2 years
Domain registration (unless you already have one)
500 email address
Monthly maintenance for updates
The ability to add your own content and photos. (full editing capability)
Phone or email support for training.

What it will cost...

$149.00 to start
$29.00 per month for 24 months
Secondary domains are the same startup and instead of $29 a month they will be $24
After 24 months it drops to around $50.00 per year for the hosting.

The domain will be registered to you and it is yours even should you decide to discontinue the site. There is no contract and you can stop at any time. I will retain the copyrights to the content that I put on there until the 24 monthly payments have been made and then it is all yours. The content that you add to the site is obviously yours to move to another site should you wish. If I have to use stock photos, those will be extra as they have to be purchased.

I wish I could have made it cheaper but the dog needs a new chew toy! (babies are grown so they do not need shoes)

07-09-2012, 07:13 AM
sounds like a fair deal
Just thinking out loud- Maybe have a SEO package to help with rank with back links, listings at places like yp.com, youtube videos "slideshows work", photos labeled on photobucket.com & flickr.com....
All of this takes time and if you don't know what your doing takes forever (I sent about 2 months working on backlinks and all)

The Cleaning Doctor
07-09-2012, 12:17 PM
I do have all that available, this was to give those on a budget a chance at getting a sell designed site with little upfront investment. Believe me, Google will know about your site within 24 hours of posting something as I have a large list of ping sites that go into wordpress and pings automatically whenever you post something. I have sites that new pages are indexed in a few hours if not sooner because of this.

Here are other things that I offer

Google Places
Videos (it is normally pretty easy to get a video ranking) I create and rank them.
Reputation Management
SEO - This includes creating links on a variety of social sites.