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07-05-2012, 10:31 PM
Well, I FINALLY got it installed.

The instructions that accompany the kit are written for the 36" Hydrocut HC36KAV13E (single hydro unit), but it also fits my 36" Comfort Control DD CCWKAV1536. (dual hydro)

For anyone looking for the part number, it is: 5600018 (36" Mulcher Kit)

Here's the kit - some baffles and a few nuts and bolts...




The instructions tell you to remove the deck to install the mulch kit. I was unsure of how to remove my deck since there are no instructions for deck removal in the owner's manual, so I just raised the front of the mower and did the install with the deck still on the mower.

Since I only have two hands, I used duct tape to hold the bolts onto the front baffle to get it in place with the bolts through the mounting holes in the front of the deck, then thread nuts on...



The bolt towards the discharge side goes into a hole that can't be seen from the outside...


That's it for the mulch baffle. Three bolts that go in three pre-drilled holes. Easy.

Now for the Blockoff Plate...


The curved end has two holes that line up with these two pre-drilled holes in the deck...



There's a pretty big gap left when you first slip it on and thread the nuts on by hand...


Don't worry - when you snug up the nuts, it lines up for a better fit.

OK, the discharge chute is in the way, and will no longer be needed, so let's get that sucker off...


Note that you want to remove the REAR nut. I took off the one on the other end first, but the long bolt was stopped by the rear tire before it could come out of the hole. I had to remove the nut on the back and pull the long bolt out through the FRONT.


Now the Discharge Baffle needs to be removed from the deck...


Two bolts and that part is easily removed...



Discharge Baffle removed...


Nuts on the front of the Blockoff Plate are now snugged up...


The end of the Blockoff Plate with the "flat" part gets positioned on the outside of the deck and a clamp is used to hold it securely while using the holes in the plate as a guide to drill through the deck...


The instructions state a 25/64" bit is needed. Later in the instructions it says to use a 21/64" bit - this is WRONG.




The instructions show the nut on the inside of the deck, but even though it would LOOK better that way, I'd rather have less surface area for grass to build up on, so I installed them the other way. This is to show the difference...


All done! May as well lube the hard to get at fittings while the deck cover is off...


Cat litter mower lift. I should patent that. :laugh:

A few shots (bad lighting) of the installed baffle and blocker plate to show the "completed circles"...



Looks funny without the discharge chute on there...




It may be a while before I get to try it out. All the lawns are dead and brown right now, but I can't wait to see how it works out.

Hope you enjoyed the show and I hope this helps someone out.
I was almost ready to take it to the dealer to have it installed because the instructions are vague at best, and are written for a DIFFERENT mower. That coupled with the "need" to remove the deck had me thinking it would be easier to just pay them to do it. I'm glad I took a few more minutes to figure it out, as it was really not that difficult once I finally understood how to put it together.

Grass Doctor
07-05-2012, 11:37 PM
i see a little gap 1/4 of inch between the mower deck and the plug, aint that plug, just asking i know shiittt about it, suppose:confused: to go inside the decking

07-06-2012, 02:11 AM
It didn't "fit" when I test fit it to the inside just to double check.
The instructions clearly state that it goes on the outside and the diagram shows it as well.

07-06-2012, 06:08 AM
?? So what if you need to bag? looks like it would be a pain to remove. My bagging jobs pay best and cleanups it helps great

07-06-2012, 09:15 AM
?? So what if you need to bag? looks like it would be a pain to remove. My bagging jobs pay best and cleanups it helps great

I don't bag if I can help it.

I waited until the heavy spring growth was past us before I even considered installing this.

I guess if I need to bag, I just use my 21" mower.

07-06-2012, 09:19 AM
Do you have any bi weekly accounts? I was just wondering if you thought that with the mulcher it would be an issue cutting them.

Yes, and yes.

As mentioned above, that's why I waited to install it.
MOST of my biweekly accounts would be OK, but a few would be problematic - maybe.
I mulch them now with my 21" Toro Super Recycler, so I'm hoping the Ferris will work just as well.

If this doesn't work out, I'll get a Blade Blocker OCDC to keep discharged clippings out of beds and such.

07-06-2012, 02:48 PM
Oh my gosh that mower needs a wash and wax job. :eek: LOL It looks good on there and you shouldn't have any problems cutting the bi-weekly ones there should be plenty of motor there to cut the grass if it ever grows again.

07-06-2012, 05:30 PM
Oh my gosh that mower needs a wash and wax job. :eek: LOL It looks good on there and you shouldn't have any problems cutting the bi-weekly ones there should be plenty of motor there to cut the grass if it ever grows again.

Heh. I wanted to wash and wax it before the install since I have the free time, but at 99 degrees outside, I don't even want to be out there. Enjoying the AC while I can!

Maybe I'll get up early tomorrow and get her cleaned up. Would be a good time to change the oil too, but it's not ready for one yet.

09-07-2012, 11:02 PM
"Where did all the grass GO???!"

Asked of me by the next door neighbor after I finished a job today.

"I don't see a bag on there and there isn't grass laying all over the lawn - how did you DO that?" he asked.


He walked over to look at my Ferris and began asking a ton of questions. (perhaps due to the nearly empty glass of beer he was carrying)
I humored him and answered his questions, but the first one just cracked me up. I guess he expected to see a hay field like it looked the last time someone cut this particular lawn. (it was my first time there)

The lawn was a bit unruly and I wasn't too sure how well I'd be able to cut it with the mulch kit on, but it did well. The only part that was an issue is where there was a patch of weeds that were "wet" when cut - it blew out a lot of clumpy-mushy stuff after passing through that section. I just hit it with the blower to disperse when I finished.

07-12-2013, 08:55 PM
July 12, 2013 UPDATE

Good grief I wish "spring growth" would STOP ALREADY!

Love the mulch kit, but this season the growth has been especially fast, and that makes mulching many lawns difficult.
I've been "pushing" a lot of lawns with the 21" because there's just too much grass to mulch with the Ferris.

Can't side discharge because the lawns are too small and clippings go everywhere and I can't mulch because the grass is growing too fast.


Lopes Lawn Care
07-14-2013, 11:26 PM
Yeah I couldn't deal with the mulch kit on most of my lawns. They just grow too fast. Especially the customers that have the damn 6 time a year fertilizer company coming all the time. I saw that you mentioned the blade blocker. I was thinking about getting one for my new ztr. Just so i don't have to bring the bagger for these mulch bed everywhere yards.

Don't know which one to get though. Seem to be a few different brands out there.

07-15-2013, 04:57 AM
Is there a gator blade available for that mower?

07-15-2013, 08:01 AM
Is there a gator blade available for that mower?

I think so. Not sure how that would help me though.

07-15-2013, 09:16 AM
The gator blade would gring up the grass smaller, is the blades you have now cutting up the grass small enough?

07-15-2013, 09:59 PM
The gator blade would gring up the grass smaller, is the blades you have now cutting up the grass small enough?

The problem is that the growth this season is excessive. There's just too much of it to mulch properly. Weekly lawns look like I forgot to cut them the week prior.

I'm not complaining though because at the beginning of July last year we had no grass to cut at all.