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10-18-2007, 10:40 PM
I decided to build a website on go daddy since I can use my business name. Cutting Edge Lawn Care. These are available. cuttingedgelawncare3691, cutting-edge-lawn-care-dan-bacak, cutting-edge-lawn-care-the-best, cutting-edge-lawn-care-affordable. What is going to help me out in the search of google and yahoo does the name matter. Or do you guys have any tricks up your sleeve for the name before I make a name.

10-18-2007, 11:08 PM
I would try something a little shorter. like:
I would stay away from hyphens if possible. Also the name doesnt matter as it relates to search engines.

10-18-2007, 11:26 PM
Is your hometown name and lawn care available?

yourtownlawncare.com ?

You could go with that too. Short & sweet.

10-18-2007, 11:31 PM
...just remember, you want your potential customers to be able to remember your web address.... if they pass a sign that says your name, phone and web address, chances are, they'll remember the name and the web adress (especially if they're the same or very similar) before they would your phone number. Then, it gives them a chance to see what you're about and contact you even if it's 2am, 3am, 4am.....

Short, simple, and close to your business name. If you can get "cuttingedgelawncare.com" that would be ideal. Something close to it if you can't get that one.

10-18-2007, 11:48 PM
I went back and checkeed and I can get portclintonlawncare.com, * port-clinton-lawn-care.com, *I can get cuttingedgelawncare but only if I put something after it like numbers. *I am thinking portclintonlawncare.com, Port Clinton is my city. I just checked I can also get pclawncare.com

10-18-2007, 11:55 PM
I like portclintonlawncare.com the best so far.