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Sprinkler Buddy
05-28-2012, 08:46 AM
Think a sprinkler head donut/indicator would be an eye sore in the lawn? Here's a few photos to demonstrate they are virtually invisible until you need to see them.

Photo 1: Photo taken 8-9 yd from ATV. See the Sprinkler Buddy in the photo, it's about 4-5 yd in front of the ATV?

Photo 2: Photo taken 7-8 yd from ATV. See the Sprinkler Buddy yet?

Photo 3: Photo taken 4-5 yd from ATV. Now you can see the Sprinkler Buddy because your just a few yards from it. The Sprinkler Buddy allows one to see and avoid running the sprinkler heads over with the mower tires. Now that one can see their sprinkler heads, it's easy to straddle them with the mower tires during routine lawn maintenance. Start saving Time, Money, and Water Today!

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