View Full Version : Advice from a business veteran of 50 years

09-06-2007, 02:24 PM
Here is some advice from a 50 year business veteran.

Simple stuff huh? But this is what kept them going all these years.

What's your view?

"3 pieces of advice

Do something you like. If you don't enjoy doing the work, you won't be successful.

Do the best you can do on every job.

Watch out for change and make adjustments to your business when things change."

50 years: Nichols Lawn Service (http://www.kansas.com/101/story/166984.html) - Larry and Chavous Nichols Jr. grew up in the lawn service business founded by their father, Chavous Nichols Sr.

"Our dad and a partner, Lonnie Owens, started the company together back in 1957," said Larry Nichols. "They started out just mowing lawns."

Nichols Lawn Service today is a full-service business offering landscaping, lawn maintenance, fertilization and weed control. Since 1992, the company has also provided nursery items, including small trees, shrubs, flowers, plants and sod.