View Full Version : What can I do to help this owner with is lawn

04-04-2012, 09:35 PM
this guy bought some sort of herbicide with a pre and post emergent and its a grass killer. SO now his lawn is dying. Anything I can do to stop it or can I re seed it in a couple of months? He was trying to save a buck and now has to spend a hundred bucks

04-04-2012, 09:56 PM
depending on where you are (location), you may have missed the seeding window. However, there are many places where you can seed through the end of April. After that, If you were in my climate (cincinnati, ohio), I would rent a seed slicer and seed slice his lawn labor day weekend (or around that time) Although, if his entire lawn is dead, I would top dress the entire yard and spread seed. Be sure to water!! keep the seed moist daily until it germinates, then give 1" of water a week. Two weeks after it germinates, you should measure it. Mow once it reaches...two and a half inches I think, but don't quote me on that...mow it down to 2". Then, once you mow it two or three times, apply a starter fertilizer to help the new grass establish new roots....Hope all this help

04-05-2012, 07:39 AM
Brian when you say top dress it do you mean put top soil on it then seed it?

04-05-2012, 01:48 PM
You tell him 'that is why you should call me for your lawn needs, I do not use the wrong stuff, therefore I donot get unexpected results.' Then give hem a timeline and a quote to redo his lawn

04-05-2012, 08:41 PM
Thin layer of top dressing and hydro seed it, he will be mowing in two weeks if he goes with RTF Hydro seed.

Top Dressing is not lawn or garden soil, here is the company I use and they explain each type of soil


04-06-2012, 02:23 AM
Will the customer be willing to pay for that service?

04-06-2012, 04:28 AM
Sure he'll pay for it if he wants his lawn back

04-06-2012, 04:58 PM
I wonder how long what ever it is he sprayed will be effecting the soil. Hopefully not long.

04-07-2012, 07:13 AM
I may take pictures and document it for the future for people

04-09-2012, 12:02 PM
It could be good for a before and after display on your website. I bet the changes will be pretty drastic!

04-09-2012, 01:09 PM
I wonder how long what ever it is he sprayed will be effecting the soil. Hopefully not long.
If it's glyphosate then there is no root uptake but I'm not sure of it's effect on germination but it sure won't help.

04-10-2012, 10:29 AM
I went by Sunday and started on it and I could see new growth coming out but I went ahead and started seeding it anyway.

04-11-2012, 07:44 PM
If he still has the original bottles, check the instructions or its web site it should state something about the residual effect of it. If it is Round up there is no residual effect. It kills what it comes in contact with only. Also, you might want to just re sod the yard. Rent a sod cutter, take out 2" of sod throw down some compost and starter fert. boom instant lawn. Easy to do. Make sure any gurantee stipulates that he "must" water.