View Full Version : My new favorite business name

07-06-2007, 07:07 PM
Ok here is my new favorite lawn care business name. U-No-Sweat Lawn Service

LOL what do you think of this one?

Make money the Ryan way. (http://googolplex.cuna.org/12433/cnote/story.html?doc_id=235) - U-No-Sweat Lawn Service became the name of his business. Ryan created a flyer on his computer and distributed it throughout the neighborhood. His reputation was good**and his flyer brought in new business. He also set up billings on a monthly basis. His rates also went up. In his best year, he made $6,000 in income, as a high school student.

Now, understand that Ryan lives in Virginia, where the lawn-growing season is good**but it's also hard work mowing thick-growing grass in high humidity and warm temperatures. Sure there were times when he didn't want to mow, but he made a commitment to his customers, and he always managed to get the job done. "Happy clients pay better than unhappy clients," Ryan was quick to discover.