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01-30-2012, 11:35 PM
My name is Matt; I've met some of your fellow lawn care professionals who led me to your discussion board and indicated there were members who might be interested in our products. I am a partner in a local Kansas City business, Oil Depot. We are an exclusive dealer of Amsoil Synthetics, which is a superior line of products providing better performance, wear, and protection. Oil Depot has over a 30 year history and we currently operate two storefront and warehouse locations, one in Lee's Summit, MO and the other in Oklahoma City. We would love to gain your trust and business.

Check Us Out Online - http://www.myoildepot.com or stop by one of our stores.


01-31-2012, 12:59 AM
Here is a product bulletin on some of our very popular products among lawn care professionals, tree trimmers, golf course maintenance, and other turf maintenance professionals.


02-01-2012, 01:11 AM
Hi Matt,

Welcome to our forum.

For those members that are unaware of your product, can you give them a little insight as to the benefits of using your product in their mowers or other outdoor power equipment?

02-02-2012, 03:55 PM
Yes!! Oil Depot is an exclusive independent dealer of Amsoil Synthetic Products. Amsoil is a manufacturer of fully synthetic lubricants as well as the parent company of AgGrand, a product line of all natural and organic certified fertilizers. Amsoil is based in Superior, Wisconsin and has several warehouse facilities located in each region of the country.

I have attached a bulletin provided by Amsoil, which gives an overview of products geared towards lawn care and other maintenance equipment.

Amsoil reduces the consumers cost by providing better protection, better performance, and less wear.

I thought I'd introduce one product at a time for you guys to give it time to sink in and ask questions if you have them.

A 100:1 Pre-Mix product, which takes the guessing work out of mixing a ratio. It is compatible with all small 2 cycle equipment specifying ISO-L-EGD, JASO FD, or API TC.

Excellent for chain saws, lawn equipment, blowers, chop saws, pumps, augers, scooters, go-carts, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATVs.

02-06-2012, 10:00 PM
No questions about Saber, huh? Well then, here is the next product I recommend for lawn and garden professionals.


Quickshot is a fuel additive designed to stabilize fuel between uses and short term storage (we have a fuel stabilizer product, which I will feature soon, used for long-term storage i.e. seasonal storage.)

This product is formulated specifically for small 2- and 4-stroke gasoline powered fuel systems. Quickshot will restore peak performance in your equipment by providing a thorough cleaning of your carburetor system, fuel injectors, and fuel filters. In addition, Quickshot will help remove varnish, gum and carbon build up, and prevent phase separation. If you have not already started your pre-season maintenance, now is the time.

Phase separation, which is the main culprit of varnish, gum, and corrosion in your fuel tank, occurs when condensation (water) builds up in the fuel reservoir and is absorbed by ethanol in the gasoline. The water saturated ethanol becomes more dense than its environment (the gasoline) and sinks to the bottom of the tank where it starts the process of causing ill-effects to your equipment.

Quickshot helps keep water molecules dispersed to quickly flow out of the fuel system in efforts to prevent phase separation.

Quickshot is designed for an initial clean-up dose of 8 oz. (1 bottle) per 6 gallons of gasoline, followed by 8 oz. (1 bottle) per 12 gallons thereafter. Slight over-treatment does not have any negative consequences.

For those of you thinking this sounds like a great product for your vehicle, you are absolutely correct, and we offer a product designed specifically for your car or truck called P.I. - Performance Improver. I will feature this product as well.

If you are interested in Quickshot or other products or have questions that I have not answered please feel free to contact me at anytime. Again, we want to gain your trust. We have special offers available for new customers!! Oil Depot is located in Kansas City and Oklahoma City, but we can also deliver if you are unable to stop by one of our stores.

Thanks for looking,


02-10-2012, 08:39 PM
Ready for another product...I haven't really gotten much feedback from you all in written form, but my views continue to increase. So, I will continue to do a feature on our products. Make sure to check us out online at http://www.myoildepot.com or stop by one of our stores in Oklahoma City or Kansas City. We're just laid back regular guys who believe that customer service is our main goal.



If you have any questions feel free to call...;)

02-11-2012, 07:54 AM
This next set of products is for your vehicle and will provide superior protection for your engines.

Signature Series - Up to 25,000 miles or 1 year between drain intervals. This product is not a "put it in and forget about all maintenance on my vehicle," but you can forget about changing your oil for one year or up to 25,000 miles, just make sure to check your dipstick to make sure your fluid levels are still good.

XL Series - Up to 10,000 miles or 6 months between drain intervals.

OE Series - This is your OEM recommended drain interval, but for nearly the price as conventional, petroleum based oil, you can have the benefits of synthetic.

Overview - All of these products are full synthetic oils and provide better protection, better performance, and less wear on your vehicle.

This link will provide additional information you may find helpful.

http://www.myoildepot.com/Files/Amsoil%20Auto%20and%20Light%20Trucks%20Brochure%20 G2779%2010%2024%2011.pdf"]http://www.myoildepot.com/Files/Amsoil%20Auto%20and%20Light%20Trucks%20Brochure%20 G2779%2010%2024%2011.pdf

For Diesel applications here's your link

http://www.myoildepot.com/Files/Amsoil%20Diesel%20Power%20Brochure%20G1489%2010%20 24%2011.pdf"]http://www.myoildepot.com/Files/Amsoil%20Diesel%20Power%20Brochure%20G1489%2010%20 24%2011.pdf

Again, if you have any questions don't hesitate to call, email, pm, etc. I'd be happy to share my knowledge with no strings attached.

02-13-2012, 06:53 PM
My last post was geared towards gasoline engines and I provided a brief statement and link about our Diesel products. Today, I wanted to expand a little more on the Diesel applications.

These are the Amsoil synthetic products made specifically for diesel engines and equipment. This link will take you to the featured diesel product line. Be sure to check out the Fuel and Cost Savings portion at the bottom...It is amazing.
http://www.myoildepot.com/Files/Amsoil%20Diesel%20Power%20Brochure%20G1489%2010%20 24%2011.pdf

I'm sure you are aware that on 2007 and newer diesel engines require a API CJ-4 rating. Amsoil makes three great products that are also retro compatible with diesel engines made prior to 2007, so your fleet manager can choose one oil and service all diesel fleet vehicles.

CJ-4 Premium Diesel 5W-40 - AMSOIL 5W-40 Synthetic Diesel Oil (DEO) is the premium choice for API CJ-4 emission-quality diesel oil required by model-year 2007 and newer diesel engines. It delivers extraordinary lubrication in diesel engines found in commercial, fleet and personal vehicles. Built with the latest additive and synthetic base oil technology, AMSOIL Premium 5W-40 Synthetic Diesel Oil exceeds the higher performance demands of modern engines. It withstands the stress of heat, soot and acids to help prevent deposits, wear and corrosion. AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-40 is wax-free with a broad viscosity range to provide exceptional cold-weather starting and high-temperature protection. It resists breakdown and offers maximum fuel efficiency over extended drain intervals.

CJ-4 Premium Diesel 15W-40 - AMSOIL Premium 15W-40 Diesel Oil can extend drain intervals far beyond those recommended for conventional petroleum oils. Its unique synthetic formulation and long drain additive system (10.4 TBN) deliver superior engine protection, cleanliness and performance over extended drain intervals.

CJ-4 OEM Diesel 15W-40 - AMSOIL OE 15W-40 Synthetic Diesel Oil provides excellent protection and performance in both on- and off-road diesel engines for the original equipment manufacturer’s recommended drain interval. It meets API CJ-4 specifications and is suitable for both modern and older diesel applications. AMSOIL OE 15W-40 Synthetic Diesel Oil exceeds the higher performance demands of modern engines and withstands the stress of heat, soot and acids to help prevent deposits, wear and corrosion.


Thanks Again


02-15-2012, 05:28 PM
I thought you all might find this brief media announcement interesting in regards to a recent partnership between Amsoil and Briggs & Stratton.

I hope you have a chance to read the article it is a simple testament of the product quality of Amsoil.



As always feel to call, email, post, pm, etc. I am more than willing to answer any questions.

02-15-2012, 06:52 PM
The only testimonial I see is amsoil was the cheapest bidder for the product....

anyone on this forum can be an amsoil dealer just go to the website and sign up. www.amsoil.com

I just do not recommend any 2cycle oil that mixes at 100:1 when you have a problem do not expect a warranty.

02-15-2012, 07:29 PM
my kid thought he was a dealer in highschool [he bought it for his mx bikes] but all his buddies were also all amsoil dealers .

02-16-2012, 09:56 AM
my kid thought he was a dealer in highschool [he bought it for his mx bikes] but all his buddies were also all amsoil dealers .

you know what is sad, I just get it from a customer of mine, never did the paperwork to be a dealer myself as they sell it to me wholesale...

02-16-2012, 10:22 AM
You are absolutely correct. Anyone on this forum can sign up to become a dealer at www.amsoil.com; however, I am not suggesting or pestering anyone on this forum to become a dealer, a member, pay fees, etc to buy products from us. Simply I am providing visibility for my company: Oil Depot. We sell Amsoil products. We believe Amsoil produces a high quality synthetic based on experience and personal use. I can't say Amsoil is the best in every category, but overall they produce great products.

What sets Oil Depot apart from other Amsoil dealers is that we have storefront and warehouse locations in Kansas City and Oklahoma City. Customers can stop by and pick up whatever the need and don't have to bother waiting for it to be shipped, of course every once in awhile we have items on back order due to popular demand. We also sell to other retailers as well commercial users.

It is my understanding that Briggs & Stratton approached Amsoil for the synthetic racing formula. I understand money plays a big role in any negotiation, but are you suggesting Briggs & Stratton would risk their name and credibility, just for the sake of going with the lowest bidder.

If you have had warranty issues in the past by using your preferred lubrication manufacturer, I would suggest you get a lawyer. It is illegal for any manufacture to void a warranty on the basis of a tie-in sales provision i.e. lubrication, unless the manufacturer provided a remedy free of charge and the consumer failed to use it. (Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act)

Thanks for posting. If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to call, email, or post and I will respond quickly and efficiently.


02-16-2012, 01:17 PM
If you have had warranty issues in the past by using your preferred lubrication manufacturer, I would suggest you get a lawyer. It is illegal for any manufacture to void a warranty on the basis of a tie-in sales provision i.e. lubrication, unless the manufacturer provided a remedy free of charge and the consumer failed to use it. (Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act)

Let me explain how the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act does not apply here. Yes the law says I nor a manufacture can tell you that you have to use a specific brand of oil in your trimmer such as you can use a echo oil in a stihl trimmer. HOWEVER they can specify that you have to use a FD rated oil mixed at 50:1 for warranty. The last bottle of saber I saw did not say it was FD rated just recommended for use in a engine that required FD oil. Hell I can recommend using water instead of oil that does not make it a good idea, but it also would not be warranty either. Even if it is now FD rated however you still have the problem of the bottle says to mix the oil at 100:1 when the equipment says 50:1 therefor not doing the correct service of the engine, also voiding the Warranty Act. Warranty centers do not make the final decision on Warranty repairs we can fight for you but the less we do that the better our results are when it is a good customer of ours. I would not expect a warranty center to fight for you using the wrong mix ratio. I have no problem with you pushing your products here, just thought the briggs thing was a little over the top for amsoil.


02-16-2012, 02:47 PM
Ratios as well as lubrication ratings are just a recommendation not a requirement from the manufacturer. Using 100:1 will not void a warranty. A manufacturer will recommend a ratio or specify an FD rating or that an Equivalent rating is required to maintain the warranty, so using water would void a warranty because it does not meet the specified ratings or equivalent. Saber has equivalent ratings and specifications beyond just a FD specification.

If you had a failure due to using Saber you need to send your product back to the manufacturer and make them prove it was the lubrication product that caused the failure. If it was proven that it was a lubrication product that caused the failure you need to send it to Amsoil and have them replace it. Either way you should have been covered.

As for Briggs & Stratton it was a performance based decision not solely based on the cost. It is presumptuous to think that Briggs & Stratton would risk their name and credibility for the sake of saving money. While it may have been a factor, Briggs & Stratton is competing with Briggs clones from Asian markets and looking for a high performance lubricant.

Would you like me to remove the article? It seems it has sparked some fury with you. I am not pushing Oil Depot on anyone, simply letting people know what we offer and where we are located.

Thanks for you post. Let me know if you have more questions or concerns.

02-16-2012, 07:23 PM
Here let me answer your comments.

ok since oil amounts are just recommendations I should just mix mine 200:1 it would save a lot of money on oil right... WRONG they are not suggestions they are instructions and if you read your instruction manual you will find this out.

And when you have a failure you should send the product back to the manufacture so they can prove it is a oil product that caused the failure. Yeah the only thing a mechanic can will see is that it was lack of oil that caused the failure(could be caused by the 100:1 mix being less oil then the 50:1 they were supposed to be using) causing the user to fit the bill for the shipping to the factory to tell them the same thing as the dealer told them.

Also since when is amsoil FD rated? Unless my memory is off JASO is the only ones testing 2cycle oil at this time. So when Amsoil tested? You will see a logo like this if it was..http://www.alloutdoorparts.com/images/JASCO.jpg Saying something is for use in an FD application is different from act being tested at that level. I can say I have the IQ of a MENSA member but until I have the membership papers I can not prove it to be so.

And honestly it was the sabor ad that caused me to fire up just have been busy working on a new website and did not answer till the other one caught me on a bad day.

I have amsoil products as well, not in my webstore as I do not currently ship oil but I do not recommend products that I think will shorten the life of equipment. And mixing oil at 100:1 in my opinion will shorten the life of your 2cycle.

02-16-2012, 11:13 PM
Using AMSOIL Saber Professional (ATP) or AMSOIL Saber Outboard (ATO) at 100:1 mix ratios, where 50:1 is recommended by the manufacturer, will not void warranties. For more information, contact AMSOIL Technical Services at (715) 399-8324.

If you knew you had a lubrication failure why did you not send it to Amsoil?

I never said Saber had an FD rating, but it has an FD equivalent. Amsoil can not make claims, such as "specifically designed for small engines including, but not limited to, chainsaws, lawn equipment, blowers, chop saws, pumps, scooters, and go-carts," "Saber Professional is recommended for pre-mix where ISO-L-EGD, JASO FD or API TC is specified." Again, Amsoil can not make these claims if they are not accurate. Amsoil is not going to risk being sued or made liable by making false claims.

So as I mentioned it has a rating that meets or exceeds the JASO FD specification and is multi-functional product. I have commercial customers who love Saber and have never had any problems with their equipment or product. Some run 100:1 and some run 50:1. I do not recommend one ratio over the other when discussing this product. Amsoil states with Saber you can run 100:1, 80:1, and 50:1 so choose whatever you feel comfortable with when mixing.

The Saber data bulletin is attached in this discussion if you would like to review the legally binding claims made by Amsoil.

Thanks for the comments and posts. If you have more questions, concerns, or comments feel free.

02-17-2012, 10:29 AM
ok who is amsoil rated by and how is this an equivalent rating? Last I checked JACO was the only rating system available to 2cycle oils. If not since they say it is equivalent why not get it rated by JACO?

number two my understanding from reading the Moss act is that you do not have to use the recommended oil for a piece of equipment but still have to service the equipment within the specified standards. This is also backed up with the Amsoil warranty that states that amsoil will not cover the following.

Failure of equipment when AMSOIL lubricants are not used in strict accordance with either the written recom-
mendations of AMSOIL INC. or the OEM for warranty coverage. The customer or user is solely responsible for
determining a product’s merchantability or fitness (“suitability”) for a particular purpose and assumes all risks
and liabilities when used other than in strict accordance with either the written recommendations of AMSOIL
or the OEM for warranty coverage.

I will agree you still have a warranty after using amsoil HOWEVER a lack of lubrication issue(the only issues this oil could cause) will not be covered and the dealer can not fight with the manufacture for you when you do not mix you oil to the correct specs. It will then be up to you to fight amsoil in court if they do not approve it to get your equipment covered. I have said the same stuff about opti oil and will stick by my statement OIL IS CHEAP TAKE CARE OF YOUR EQUIPMENT and if you use sabor to 50:1 you will find it very expensive.

02-17-2012, 12:54 PM
As we both have mentioned cost plays a big factor in any business deal, that would be my guess as to why Amsoil has not gotten Saber spec'd with a JASO rating. It is not cost effective, to constantly be re-certifying products when a manufacture makes an adjustment. Amsoil makes the adjustment through their own certification and then is able to publicly make the claim that their product meets or exceeds the JASO rating.

Again, Amsoil can not make claims about any of their products if they have not been tested, modified, re-tested, re-modified, etc. It is not logical to think Amsoil would just whip together this product and say - yep, that will meet JASO FD rating specifications. There is too much liability in doing that.

I agree there is some consumer responsibility in choosing the appropriate product. As you've mentioned, putting water in your equipment as a lubrication method. That would not be a responsible consumer choice, because the equipment will require oil.

Amsoil claims you can run Saber at 100:1 in any application or recommended ratio. That claim is a legal binding statement. If you want to run richer than 100:1, go for it, it is your preference and there's nothing wrong with that. If you want to run richer than 100:1 we have other oils that may better fit your confidence in your lubrication. It is the same with drain intervals in your truck. Some guys go 15,000+ miles on one oil change, others get their oil analyzed and run 45,000+, change their filter and keep going, then you have those that are not comfortable with more than 3000 miles and change it then. All the Amsoil claims and products are tested and modified to meet manufacturer recommendations. But you can not say that it will void your warranty, ruin your equipment, etc. because it has been certified and approved to meet or exceed the manufactures recommendations.

I agree oil is insurance for your equipment, so do you really want to cheap out and not use something that is going to make your equipment run cleaner, more efficient, produce better wear, and extend the life.

02-17-2012, 01:50 PM
I forgot to tell you...I have been in contact with Briggs & Stratton and this is what they had to say about the Amsoil partnership.

Matt, It’s a lot to say but an awesome product. This will be available in a couple of weeks. I would say look for information on our website – www.briggsracing.com and Amsoil’s site in the near future – www.Amsoil.com.

Best regards,


02-17-2012, 02:42 PM
Small engine companies rated their own engine horsepower till they got sued from the tests being rigged. Cigarette companies had tests that showed cigarettes were good for your health. Forgive me but I do not trust companies self testing products anymore, I am not for government regulations but I do not trust everything I read on a bottle. Did you now PB blaster makes a product called Mower Tune Up that will give an engine more compression when you spray it into the engine, it will also clean the carburetor at the same time.(true product claim) I know you are trying to sell the product but if you trust every product claim you read you have issues.

I use amsoil products in fact my camaro has had amsoil since it got out of the break-in without any exception. I just have a hard time with 100:1 oil mix, and I only recommend what I will personally use. As for the Briggs comment did you really expect a company to say a product is crap that they are selling, even if it is the worst product on the market they will still say it is great as long as they are selling it.

02-17-2012, 03:02 PM
I'm not taking Amsoil's word for it, I have experience using Saber as well as commercial customers who love it.
As I said before, if you don't feel comfortable with the claims on the bottle, don't use the product. Amsoil makes other 2-cycle oils that will mix at 50:1. I don't believe all the claims I read on a bottle, but I am open minded enough to give something a try to see if it works. Why do you discredit and criticize the claims just because you have a preference of running a richer mix.

I fully expect Briggs & Stratton to tell me the truth about the lubrication products they are putting in their equipment. Again, it is a liability issue for them to use sub-quality lubrication for the sake of saving money and then telling people it is an awesome product.

Thanks for your posts and comments.

02-17-2012, 05:59 PM
Why do you discredit and criticize the claims just because you have a preference of running a richer mix.

Because I am the person that they go complaining to when the product fails. I am the one that has to explain to the customer that lack of lubrication is not a warranty issue. I am the one that listens to the customer tell me how someone in a forum told them that the product would be covered under warranty and to read the Mos act informing me that it is. GUESS WHAT I HAVE READ IT AND IT DOES NOT COVER NOT FOLLOWING MANUFACTURES INSTRUCTIONS IT JUST SAYS THEY CAN NOT MAKE YOU BUY THEIR OIL OR SERVICE AT THE DEALER.

Here are the fact of 100:1 oil mixs you have oils that have NOT been tested by JACO(THE ONLY INDEPENDENT TESTING ATHORITY THAT DOES 2CYCLE OIL) to meet the required standards of your equipment. But we are to believe that it is ok on the sole word that the company tells us that it is better then the products and they just do not feel the need to prove it. They even write leading us to think that it has been tested on the bottle by listing the certification saying the meet or exceed it, when they have never been tested for this standard.

02-17-2012, 09:21 PM
I'm a little confused by the last post, I guess I don't get what your saying. It is obvious you don't like Saber 100:1 mix and you don't recommend using a 100:1 mix because that is too lean for you. I hear what your saying, I haven't had any problems with it in any of my applications nor have my customers, so from my experience and my customers experience, I still recommend it. If you have problems with it don't continue using it. There are many other factors that can cause equipment problems in your mix, such as ethanol, type of use. I understand that your customers are going to come back to you if you recommend a product and they have problems with it; guess what mine will too. Let's move on.

Thanks for your posts and comments.

02-23-2012, 09:09 PM
I thought after the last conversation it would be fitting to post the Amsoil Warranty Policy. Maybe we can spark some discussion on interpretation.

Again thanks for all the posts, comments, and questions.


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04-20-2012, 04:35 PM
Dear Oil Depot Customers,

We are pleased to announce that we will be transitioning into a new store over April 23rd-30th, 2012 and our official opening day is May 1st, 2012. Our new store is conveniently located at I-35 & Johnson Drive in Merriam, Kansas. Our new address is:

9404 Johnson Drive

Merriam, KS 66203

We will continue to use the current telephone and fax numbers, which are:

Tel: 913 - 484 - 0251

Fax: 877 - 904 - 7006

Our website is unchanged and remains www.myoildepot.com and my email is unchanged as well Matt@myoildepot.com

As always, we strive to maintain the highest level of customer service and satisfaction so if there is anything you need during our transition period please do not hesitate to call and we will do our best to serve you. Check out our website and please “Like” us on Facebook for exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions.

We look forward to seeing you at our new shop!!

04-21-2012, 04:53 AM
A 100:1 Pre-Mix product, which takes the guessing work out of mixing a ratio. It is compatible with all small 2 cycle equipment specifying ISO-L-EGD, JASO FD, or API TC.

Excellent for chain saws, lawn equipment, blowers, chop saws, pumps, augers, scooters, go-carts, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATVs.

Not many here use small enough amounts of mixed oil and gas to buy a premixed it would just eat way to much into our profits