View Full Version : Singe or 2 Stage??

11-07-2011, 01:45 AM
Just wondering everyones thoughts between a single stage or a 2 stage snowblower??

pros and cons of both??

what size engine do you think it ideal?? to small ? or 2 big? for the machine. .

what do you think is a decent size clearing path??

buy one from a box store or dealer??

Just trying to get some info on what people have experienced so others know!!

i will tell you my thoughts later:D


11-07-2011, 03:59 AM
Good question.

I am sure a few members will jump on this.

In a recent discussions, Hedgemaster was telling us why he wished he had gone with a single stage blower because of the lack of snow in his area.

Maybe he will jump in here and offer more views on it.

I think in the end, your choice comes down to your geographic area and how much snow you get.

11-07-2011, 07:22 AM
Single for me. I can lift it out of the pickup bed and I don't need a trailer.

11-07-2011, 09:17 AM
But your intended usage and location are factors if you are choosing "one or the other".

I picked up a brand new, 26" 2 stage before last winter, and while it works great, it's not ideal for the smaller amounts of snow that we primarily get around here. Now, if we get several feet of snow overnight, everyone with a single stage will be wishing they had a 2 stage, but that isn't the norm.

Single stage blowers are also better at clearing all the way to the surface because the paddles touch the sidewalk/driveway surface, while a 2 stage has metal augers that must be kept off the surface just a bit. That said, I'm able to clear pretty close with mine. Also, I like the nylon skid pads on mine - many have metal, which can leave scuff marks on concrete.

11-08-2011, 12:34 PM
For those that haven't purchased a snow blower up to this point, what makes a snow blower a single stage vs a 2 stage?