View Full Version : no spark on briggs & stratton engine. changed points.

07-21-2011, 04:07 PM
so this 21" commercial bobcat mower is a mess. first i had no spark. the spark plug wire was rusted all to hell and i sanded it down until i got continuity with the ignition coil.

then the points were all corroded. so i changed them and at least now i got spark. i am working on the fuel mixture next though.

in the pictures

- i took the flywheel cover off.
- then i take off the pull starter ratchet device on top of the flywheel.
- once the ratchet device is off, i can pull off the flywheel.
- then i carefully pried the flywheel up
- when the flywheel is removed, i can see the cover to the points.
- i then take the points cover off and i can gain access to the points now.
- i can then remove the old points and put in the new once and make sure they are gapped to .2 i think it is?