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Sprinkler Buddy
06-07-2011, 02:03 PM
I'm working on a Question and Answer "Page" for my website http://www.sprinklerbuddy.com

If you have any questions or think of any you think others may want to ask but don't, Please ask them here! If question is appropriate, it may be selected to be used on my Q&A page.

Thanks to all that share their questions or thoughts!

Q - Does the Sprinkler Buddy hold water?

A - The Sprinkler Buddy Does Not hold water, six pin size holes are created by installing the Sprinkler Buddy to your sprinkler head by the nature of how it installs. Allowing rain water etc... to seep out.

The Cleaning Doctor
06-07-2011, 04:08 PM
UV stability, are they going to break down?
Can I install it without removing the sprinkler head?
How does it keep the grass out?
How many do I need?
Are there contractor packs available?
Do they come in different colors? (I'll bet you get this one)

Just a few I could think of of the top of my head.

Sprinkler Buddy
06-07-2011, 05:31 PM
Q - UV stability, are they going to break down?
A - The Sprinkler Buddy is made with the highest UV protection package I could put in this material. It will hold up in All Weather Conditions for years to come.

Q - Can I install it without removing the sprinkler head?
A - It is easiest to install by removing the sprinkler head. While it is possible to install without removing the sprinkler body, I do not recommend it.

Q - How does it keep the grass out?
A - The Patented insert design, combined with the shape and material used all play a part in keeping the grass from covering your sprinkler heads.The ability to custom fit this indicator to your specific sprinkler head body diameter prevents grass from growing between the indicator and sprinkler head itself. The 7" funnel like shape helps force growing grass away from its center. The material being light weight, flexible, and durable allows it to NOT sink in the ground, even when accidentally run over by tire, etc... it will rebound back to its original position. With minor maintenance one can keep their sprinkler heads visible to avoid accidental damage by mower tires, etc... for years to come.

Q - How many do I need?
A - Every yard and need will be different. If you want to keep those that get broken often visible to avoid future mishaps, just get that many. If you want to know where they all are get one buddy for each sprinkler. That's more a personal question for the user. Personally myself, I would just put them on those that tend to need replaced year after year. Those are the ones that lead me to think of this invention. "With a little help from Upstairs"

Q - Are there contractor packs available?
A - If your a contractor, call RyRo, Inc. (352) 528-0012 to discuss your potential needs.

Q - Do they come in different colors?
A - At this time they only come in one color. If a certain color keeps being requested, RyRo, Inc. will come out with the most popular request in the future. (florescent orange has come up a few times)

Thanks for the questions! Do my response answer your questions clearly.
Thanks Again!

The Cleaning Doctor
06-07-2011, 06:08 PM
Way to fill out a page. Those look good.

Sprinkler Buddy
06-07-2011, 10:25 PM
I have sent these to my web guy to add a Q&A, Thanks for the help! Much Appreciated!

I'm sure I will add to it but it's a good start as you mentioned. :)