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R.H lawn services
05-12-2011, 02:44 PM
Hi can you help me how can i cancel a new customer that's a pain in the

05-12-2011, 02:49 PM
do you have a contract?what does it say ?

05-12-2011, 02:50 PM
Contract? If not then as politely as you can let them know that you can no longer service them and they should begin looking for a new LCO. Maybe give them til the end of the month?

Or just tell em "bye bye" if they are really that bad.

R.H lawn services
05-12-2011, 02:58 PM
do you have a contract?what does it say ?

no i have no contract

05-12-2011, 03:56 PM
with no formal contract,you can leave them how-ever you like .Just remember,how you do it might affect future business for you,people generally talk to others especially when they have not nice things to say ,so be as nice as you can ,and try to leave an open door for future dealings if at all possible .It might do you some good to make up an excuse like "your property is too far from my route " ,or "I cant service you properly as I have too many other clients at the moment " ,but what you say should sound reasonable or you will just end up looking bad .

05-12-2011, 06:49 PM
What are they doing that makes them a pain?

05-13-2011, 02:09 PM
Here is a blog article that may help you.

A nice way to let your lawn care customer go (http://lawnchat.com/?p=2324).