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04-29-2011, 10:58 PM
I made a contract for two friends of mine who are starting their own little business of modifying/decorating products (jewelry, accessories, etc)

Watcha' think? ............ I'm the sponsor/supplier - and this will be "Breeze Owned" in no time

Profit Split and Contract

If a profit has been made, and only once the supplier/sponsor has received his/her exact money back (without interest), the remainder of the profits must split into the following percentages;

Business: 50%
Co-Owner 1: 25%
Co-Owner 2: 25%

Terms and conditions

Those involved in this operation are to be equally committed while working,
eg; productivity and time. this is to ensure that the profits split between each individual is consistent and fair.

While in a partnership, the views of each individual involved may not be well represented among each other. Always and before any task which involves the spending of money or use of supplies, you must both seek the advice and final say of a third (3rd) person in which you have both previously chosen as your advisor. The advisor has the final say if a task is to be performed or not.

The advisor may be your supplier/sponsor as long as he/she is not involved in the creation of the products you wish to sell. The supplier/sponsor is not entitled to any profits made unless previously negotiated.

Those who wish to supply/sponsor your operation must be informed whether he/she is entitled to any profits, or a refund of money they may spend. Money is not to be accepted unless the sponsor/supplier understands that he/she may or may not receive their money back.

Suppliers/sponsors are limited to family only. Anyone outside of your families are not to be involved in your operation.

Applying your signature below means that you have read and understood the form above, and you will follow it's terms and conditions accordingly.



04-30-2011, 12:36 PM
What made you get involved with this in the first place?

04-30-2011, 04:10 PM
What made you get involved with this in the first place?

Certain jewelry is very inexpensive to create, I'll throw them a few bucks to get started. If it fails it fails. The thing I like most, is it's just as easy to start as a lawn business - maybe even easier! The problem is finding an audience... but we'll see!

I'm trying to get pictures of what they are capable of doing to show you guys.

The plan is just to branch out and have another simple income. An entire line of Breeze merchandise, hahaha!


I find it pretty safe. When they take off, I will make a contract where I get my money back + a percentage for funding them. I don't have to put in any effort and it's pretty much "free staff" if you think about it! It's their company, and they have the drive to make it work.

05-01-2011, 11:15 AM
I like that you are always thinking. I look forwards to seeing your photos. Are you keeping your eyes open for other business opportunities you'd like to get involved with? Have you seen anything else that appeals to you?