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01-18-2004, 12:46 PM
Id love to get a flyer made to go with my new logo you guys created(x-ray 426). I really like the format of Tiger 468 except only 2 color. Change Mowing service to Standard Service. Below that stays the same except no monthly price. Complete Lawn Program and "We will keep you lawn beautiful year round" stays the same. Then below that: Includes: Standard Service,Six Step Fertilization Plan, Broadleaf Spraying. Optional services: Aerating, Over Seeding,Lime Applications,Soil Testing, Insect control(gubs, fireants). Again, no price. Quality and satisfaction line stay. Phone #704-996-1172 and email is CleanCut@carolina.rr.com.. Then if you could fit in somewhere uniformed employees,insured and licensed applicator.